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AKG K550 Closed-Back Reference Class Headphones $174.95

AKG K550 Closed-Back Reference Class Headphones


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AKG K550 Headphone Review: Clean, Lean & A Little Mean

Clean and open sounding reference headphones! ○ Support my videos! http://www.patreon.com/lachlanlikesathing ○ Click the like button and subscribe if you ...

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What Hi-Fi? [01/09/18, via What Hi-Fi?]
Cowon Plenue R review We try it out with a range of headphones, from the Beyerdynamic Byron in-ears (£50) to the AKG K550 over-ears (£250), and the character remains consistent. Beginning with Mozart's No.24 Allegro (performed by the late Eugene Istomin), the Plenue R [...]

[02/25/13, via TrustedReviews]
AKG K550 Headphones have become one of the greatest tech successes in recent years. Many more people are willing to splash out for proper headphones like the , rather than cheapo pairs. However, AKG hasn't traditionally been all that great at getting [...]

What Hi-Fi? [12/13/17, via What Hi-Fi?]
Best portable music system under £1500 AKG K550 £150. Total build = £1175. The key to a great portable setup is versatility. This glorious triumvirate can be used inside or out and, in the case of the Mojo and K550s, even swapped in for components in your main hi-fi setup should you wish [...]

Android Headlines [06/01/17, via Android Headlines]
Pick Up the AKG K550 Closed Back Reference Class Headphones for just $199 – 6/1/17 The K550s are great for any audiophile out there. These headphones have a balance between noise-isolating qualities of closed-back headphones and the spacious, dimensional sound of an open-back design, which creates a great private listening experience [...]

Despite owning them for a while, I don’t think I’ve really listened to music using my AKG K550’s - they’re brill. t.co/BaZ2hZ3eJW 

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[08/09/15, via amazon.com]
AKG K550, K551 Headphones Replacement Ear Pad / Ear Cushion / Ear Cups / Ear Cover / Earpads Repair Parts Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. As many of you who may own AKG K550s, you probably have noticed that finding replacement earpads for them has been an exercise in ... [...]

[04/14/15, via features.en.softonic.com]
Is Tidal worth it? Tidal may be late to the streaming music game but it’s got a lot of hype surrounding it thanks to Jay-Z and his army of musicians. The service is making waves because it promises to help musicians control and distribute their music. For more about what T ... [...]

[01/23/15, via Android Headlines]
Android Audio Weekly: A Look at Three of Our Favorite Headphones They are also very, very comfortable, and having Bluetooth is a huge perk. I’ve listed the AKG K550 and the K551 because they’re essentially the same headphone. The K550 came first, with a very long and thick cable for home listening, while the K551 ... [...]

[03/20/14, via Tom's Guide]
AKG K550 vs Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Hello. I am about to order a new set of headphones and I've been searching through amazon for days for headphones, and after all these hours I have two headphones here. I cant decide which one would be better for me. I am going to buy FiiO E17 at the same ... [...]

[12/04/13, via gazelle.com]
The 10 Best Luxury Headphones That Money Can Buy Unlike high-end luxury cars, top-of-the-line headphones tend to be [somewhat] more affordable but there are many choices (and imposters) to choose from. If you are currently in the market for some top shelf headphones, these are the ones to look at. [...]

AKG K550 Review.

So after extensive research i finally bought these cans.  My most recent pair of headphones used are Shure SRH840's.  I listened to these amped on a FiiO E7.To test these headphones out i listened to almost every genre under the sun.  Some of the songs include.Mozart - Requiem K.  626 Lacrimosa dies illaAaron Neville - I dont know muchLinda Ronstadt - Hay Unos OjosThe Main Ingredient - Everybody Plays the FoolBlack Gold 360 - Drunken Boxing at the BorderLee Michaels - Heighty Hi (the whole...

Smart Gadgets – Buy AKG K550 Headphone and CoolPix P610 UK Camera

Smart Gadgets – Buy AKG K550 Headphone and CoolPix P610 UK CameraThere are many reasons to prefer online stores instead of the local retailers for buying gadgets. Lots of options, competitive pricing and the offers like free and faster home delivery are really making the online shopping popular. You can easily find all latest models on the internet at reasonable pricing. Whether it is a Smartphone to a DSLR camera, everything is available online from your preferred brands. In fact, some...

AKG K550

Headphones have become one of the greatest tech successes in recent years. Many more people are willing to splash out for proper headphones like the AKG K550, rather than cheapo pairs. However, AKG hasn’t traditionally been all that great at getting its name out to the masses. It’s a shame because the K550 are fantastic headphones that give you the sound characteristics of an at-home pair with the portability benefits of a closed. If it wasn’t for the odd design decision or two, they’d be...

Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones offer style and performance

Priced at £419 (€579/$549), there's no denying that Master & Dyanamic's MW60 Wireless Over Ear Headphones are expensive—but boy do they look it. Cast out of aluminium and finished in pillow-soft lambskin leather, the MW60s are as much a fashion statement as they are a functional piece of audio equipment. They even smell expensive when you take them out of the box. For a company that I hadn't even heard of until a few weeks ago (Master & Dynamic is based in New York)...