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Beats Dude Stand for Pill 2.0 Portable Speaker - White $29.10

Beats Dude Stand for Pill 2.0 Portable Speaker - White

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Beats Dude Stand for Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Speaker (Black) $27.99

Beats Dude Stand for Beats Pill 2.0 Portable Speaker (Black)

Beats Dude Stand for Pill Portable Speaker - Red $49.99

Beats Dude Stand for Pill Portable Speaker - Red


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[02/18/18, via ]
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Mission Local [02/12/18, via Mission Local]
Breaking Ground: Two formerly incarcerated men rebuild their lives while rebuilding a Bayview public housing community That resume was nothing to sneeze at: in prison, Scott helped build prison hospitals, pill dispensers, framing and cement work all around the yard. He could do everything: carpentry, milling cabinet, metal fab, electrical. And when Scott finally got a [...]

Herald live [01/25/18, via Herald live]
The secret to a long and happy life My husband believes that the ability to live forever is imminent. I don't believe him – not yet – but science is a many-headed beast. If I were to live to 100 (something I've sworn never to do), I'd want to be just like Jiroemon Kimura. The Japanese [...]

[02/09/18, via (blog)]
Hour 3 - You Can Hear Us Getting Fatter So we have some judges here. And we want that we can we turn all their mics on of an idea of votes I got most of my response is all you got me there might be closer to me that's a good pizza smoke. What's your name pizza smoke house. Now Kelsey when [...]

CBS Los Angeles [10/23/17, via CBS Los Angeles]
Inventor Creates Pill Bottle To Battle Opioid Crisis The inventor has reportedly invested $70,000 of his own money over the last seven years to create the computer programmed pill dispenser. The Virginian claims his invention will also be able to track when and where a patient takes their dosage. “It can [...]

today in advanced adulting, i counted out & prepared a fortnight's worth of meds & supplements into my 4-chamber/7-… 

Learning how the Heart Beats Learning how the Heart Beats
Published by Viking Press 1995
247 pages
Modern American Counter Writing Modern American Counter Writing
Published by Routledge 2010
ISBN 9781135161651,1135161658
296 pages
Case Studies in Pharmacy Ethics Case Studies in Pharmacy Ethics
Published by Oxford University Press, USA 1999
ISBN 0195133919,9780195133912
290 pages
ZOM-B Gladiator ZOM-B Gladiator
Published by Simon and Schuster 2014
ISBN 9780857077752,0857077759
224 pages

Fall Decorating

Like many others, I love decorating my room to fit the current season or holiday. That's one of the many reasons I have light grey walls, white and grey furniture, and white bedding. With a neutral room, you can seriously achieve any seasonal look. A simple room is honestly THE BEST THING EVER if you're as festive as I am. Believe or not, almost everything in my room was a DIY or from an antique store. Even when I don't want a particular theme, my room provides a clean, simple feel. Anyways, I thought I would share some photos of how I decorated my room for fall. I also keep a jar from an antique store, to store pens, pencils, and highlighters. Lastly, I have a random ball made out of branches, and my Beat Box.

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SPOTY 2013 – Who’s gonna be who!

BBC Spoty 2013. It may appear that as of Sunday 7th July that there will only be one contender for BBC Sport’s Personality of the Year this year. Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph is already being heralded as an iconic moment and the pinnacle of British sport, surpassed perhaps only by the 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games and by the 1966 World Cup team although some have suggested it even... With all this in mind therefore and remembering that Andy Murray’s best Grand Slam (arguably) is still to come it seems apparent that Muzza will win Sport’s Personality this year. Andy Murray : 4 Grand Slam finals in a row, holder of 2 Grand Slams and he WON Wimbledon.

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[03/21/16, via Fayette Advocate]
Minnesota beats Boston College 3-1 for women's hockey title It's a bitter pill to swallow", Johnson said ... Varane needs to ensure the gaps are plugged and also thwart Gamiero from taking shots at goal from inside the box. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more goals against Sevilla in La Liga than against any other ... [...]

[02/14/16, via Pocket lint]
Beats Pill+ review: A pricey pill to swallow When the original Pill launched in 2012 it ... not great for a £190 speaker unit. The closed box design features two woofers and two tweeters, both of which are separated. At around the 2,000Hz mark a proprietary Beats digital signal processor (DSP ... [...]

[11/16/15, via Chip Chick]
Beats Pill+ Review (2015) – Beats Just Blew Away The Competition Beats’ latest Pill is their best yet. The new Beats Pill+ is the company ... but one important distinction is that it comes with a Lightning cable in the box to charge the device — now it’s really part of the Apple family. This feels unusual ... [...]

[10/07/15, via USA Today]
New Beats Pill speaker comes with an app The new Beats Pill+ wireless Bluetooth speaker ($229.95), available in black and white, will be available at retail and on next month. Slightly larger than the original Pill speaker, the Beats Pill+ has two tweeters and two woofers -- the ... [...]

[06/03/15, via CNet]
Apple recalls Beats Pill XL speakers on risk of overheating But in a nutshell, you have to submit a return request by filling out the form on the Beats Pill XL Speaker Recall Program Request page. Apple will then send you a postage paid box for you to return your Pill XL speakers. After Apple receives the item ... [...]

4 Reasons Paleo Beats Weight-Loss Drugs

Weight loss in a pill: it’s a tempting promise, and not just because it’s easier than dieting. Imagine what we could collectively get done if we could just take a pill to deal with our fat cells and then forget about it and spend that energy somewhere else – we would have cured cancer five times over by now!Unfortunately, the weight-loss drugs that actually exist fall a whole lot short of that imaginary future. When you combine them with typical calorie-counting diets, you get better results...

Mac concept imagines a refreshed mini form factor w/ built-in Touch Bar & Face ID

With 3 years now gone by since the last Mac mini update, it’s one of Apple’s long running product lines ripe for a complete overhaul. That’s likely why industrial design student Louis Berger’s latest concept envisions a miniature desktop Mac but with a much more modern approach. He’s dubbed the idea “Taptop Computer Concept,” but at its core it’s essentially a new form factor for Mac mini with a built-in Touch Bar and more.The best 4K & 5K displays for MacThe Taptop concept repositions...

Apple's HomePod isn't about Siri, but rather the future of home audio

 Introduced this summer at WWDC17, Apple's HomePod was immediately positioned next to Amazon Echo and Google Home by bloggers as a "smart speaker" serving primarily as a way to chat with a voice assistant. But that's not how Apple introduced it. HomePod plays the BeatsIn 2014 Apple acquired Beats, using its music streaming product to deliver Apple Music while continuing to sell the youth-oriented brand's headphones and Bluetooth speakers. Beats delivered Apple a complementary subsidiary...

beats pill holder 3d models

Beats Pill Holder thingiverse Basic holder for beats pill and generic phone.Print SettingsPrinter Brand: UltimakerPrinter: Ultimaker 2Rafts: YesSupports: YesInfill: 20%Notes: had set the infill to 20% to... Dre Beats Pill turbosquid...