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Beyerdynamic DT 770 - Review!

Calling all nerds! What's up guys, today I am bringing you what may be my favorite video yet, a full review on the Beyerdynamic DT 770s. If you enjoyed this ...

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Destructoid [05/12/17, via Destructoid]
Review: SteelSeries Arctis 7 I have had a pair of these for a while and I also have a pair of DT770 pro Beyerdynamic headphones running through an amp. I bought the Arctis 7's so I could have wireless for my living room PC and consoles out there. Comparing the Arctis 7's to the [...]

[06/21/17, via Android Police]
Zolo Liberty+ by Anker blasts through its Kickstarter goal The main reason headphone jacks remain a staple of most phones is because they work. There's no pairing and re-paring, or worrying about how much longer the batteries in your earbuds will last. Anker's new "apprentice brand," Zolo, is trying to make [...]

Destructoid [12/10/13, via Destructoid]
Review: Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones It's between the Custom One Pro, the DT770, some audio-technica M50s, sennheiser's HD380, or PXC450. comfortability is one of the main reasons for getting it, need something that doesnt wear my ears out after prolonged use. MajorMajorMajorMajor • 4 [...]

Destructoid (press release) (blog) [05/06/16, via Destructoid (press release) (blog)]
Review: SteelSeries Siberia 350 USB headset SteelSeries has been my brand of choice when it comes to gaming headphones for years now. After breaking or being unimpressed with tons of other brands, the Siberia V2 was the first one that really clicked for me. It was the perfect mix of cost, sound [...]

My DT770s come in next week hypeee! Then a week later (hopefully) all the rest of my peripherals are getting sent f… 

@KempPlays I’ve had the same headphones for years now. Beyerdynamic dt770s. Can’t fault them at all.

@mattfaxmusic I have HD600s from Sennheiser for my mixdowns, but they're open back and bleed like hell, so I got a… 

i was blaming my ears for not hearing the bass in music but doing a sine sweep it's actually the left side of my dt… 

Live Audio: The Art of Mixing a Show Live Audio: The Art of Mixing a Show
Published by CRC Press 2012
ISBN 9781136113901,1136113908
256 pages

Bottlehead headphone amp with Speedball

The member had also purchased the Speedball upgrade which consisted of three cct. Fortunately the member realised the amount of work involved and rewarded my efforts. The instructions which come with the it are detailed bit I would not advise this kit for a first timer, The cct. The rest is easy but still a fair bit of work. I would recommend the kits and upgrade Speedball. The amp worked well with my 32ohm DT770s but I feel may work even better with 250ohm or higher cans.

[via retro-thermionic]

[11/24/15, via]
Final Audio Design Sonorous IV Hi Fidelity Headphones, Black You can still see all customer reviews for the product ... Anyways, my previous cans were/are an old school pair of Beyerdynamic DT770s (studio work/home listening) and a more recent pair of Aedle VK-1s (commute/office) so I'll just do a quick comparison ... [...]

[04/05/14, via Tom's Guide]
Best gaming headphones for no higher than $150 Looking to get a really nice pair of headphones soon but am not sure what to get. I look at the Audio Technica AD700s and the Grado SR80is but am not sure about the open backed design. I do not want surround sound, just stereo with a really good soundstage ... [...]

[01/29/14, via Life Hacker]
Ask LH: Are Beats By Dre Headphones Any Good? People have been asking us this question for years, so we’ve decided it’s time to settle this once and for all. As snobby as (some) audiophiles may seem, they’re right on this one: Beats are… not great. Not only are they not worth their price ... [...]

[01/16/14, via]
Beyerdynamic DT660, DT770, DT990 and DT880 Headphone Case/Bag This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I've adapted to putting the velcro pouch with my amp under the 'headband' part of my headphones ... [...]

Review: Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato – Dehumanise

Disclaimer: I purchased the Onkyo DP-S1 for the purposes of this review. It’s a dual ES9018C2M DAC thing that goes for 450$ USD. You can learn all about it here: Onkyo rubato DP-S1.Update: I’ve added links to RMAA measurements, comparisons, and added a spec list as well as a note about balanced output power. Relevant links:ohm image: RMAA AK70 24-bitohm image: RMAA AK70 Kai (Ryuzoh mod) 24-bitohm image: RMAA DP-X1 24-bitohm image: RMAA DP-S1 24-bitSometime before the latest Fujiya Avic show,...

Is it worth the extra £70 ( $114) to "upgrade" from DT770s to DT880s?

Dec 17, 2013     THREAD STARTER New Head-Fier Joined: Dec 17, 2013 Posts: 5 Likes: 0 First a quick background. I'm relatively new to the audio game, and currently I own the ATH AD700s. They've been with me for a good couple of years, but I'm looking for something more. I listen to music from my computer, so portability and such are of no concern. I did some research and came across the...

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7b Headphones

I’ll be straight with you: much as I like some in-ear headphones, given the choice between listening to a set of IEMs and a pair of proper, full-sized cans, I’d choose the latter every time. However, there are times when that choice isn’t really a choice at all. When you’re travelling, for example, it’s just a non-starter. Sure, you could take your open-back Grado SR-80s or your Sennheiser HD595s on the train, but sound leaks out like crazy and – worse – sound leaks in.This means you turn the...

Bose QC35 Is A Wireless Version Of Bose's Insanely Popular QuietComfort Headphones

Bose's QuietComfort 25 headphones headphones are one of the most popular and best rated noise canceling pair of headphones available on the market. Just a quick look at their Amazon rating of 4.4 stars with more than 2800 reviews should give you an idea of their perception among users. But the QC25 have had one little caveat for anyone who's interested in using them: they're wired. If you're like us, then you know that everything is better with Bluetooth and you've been anxiously waiting...