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Etymotic Research MC5 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones

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Etymotic Research ER6i Earbud Review!

Here's a review of the Etymotic Research ER6i Earbuds. These are the worst I have tried and cheap build... Read full review here: ...

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Etymotic ER6i in-ear Headphones Great Condition with Case $96.51

Etymotic ER6i in-ear Headphones Great Condition with Case


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[01/21/18, via ]
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Gizmodo [08/07/08, via Gizmodo]
Ultimate Cut-The-Crap In-Ear Headphone Battlemodo Why do music lovers put up with cheap stock earbuds? You've spent hundreds of dollars on an MP3 player then effectively nullify your investment with headphones that suck the soul out of the music that you love. Choosing a higher-end set of earphones is [...]

[04/07/09, via The Gadgeteer]
Etymotic Research hf5 High-Fidelity Earphones Review My favorite earphones of all time have been the ER6i by Etymotic. Historically, these are the ones I have pointed all those asking 'which noise-isolation earbuds are the best bang for the buck' to. While the list of earphones I have had the opportunity [...]

Lifehacker [01/29/09, via Lifehacker]
Get the Best Sound from In-Ear Headphones Etymotic ER6i (strong treble with amazing detail. bass lovers stay away unless you like tight, detailed bass). Head-Direct RE2 (on sale for $49 currently. these earphones outclass the Etymotics because of their neutrality while still keeping a fun [...]

Engadget [12/27/10, via Engadget]
Just got an Android phone? The best apps, accessories, and tips Spend less than $100 on a set like Etymotic's ER6i or Shure's SE115 and your ears will thank you for years to come. Big (and fast) microSD card. Odds are your phone comes bundled with a microSD card of somewhere between 2 and 16GB. If you're on the [...]

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[05/13/14, via Macdaily News]
Apple preps HD audio for iOS 8 plus new Apple In-Ear Headphones and lightning cable “Apple is said to be introducing high definition audio playback in iOS 8 alongside new versions of its In-Ear Headphones and Lightning connector, according to a report from Mac Otakara,” Richard Padilla reports for MacRumors. “The post notes that ... [...]

[09/19/13, via]
Comply T-100 Isolation Foam Earphone Tips (Black, 3 Pairs, Medium) I originally bought these for a pair of Altec Lansing IM716 IEMS which they are great with, but I also tried them on my Etymotic ER6i and found they are the holy grail of ear tips for this particulate IEM. On the ER6i, they are so comfortable you do not ... [...]

[02/22/13, via]
Etymotic Research ER4S MicroPro Reference Earphones, Black Just be sure to specify the ER-4P model for best-quality iPod sound. (I haven't tried the less expensive ER6i alternatives. Life is short.) [...]

[04/18/12, via Examiner]
Audio gadgets: enjoy your music while saving your hearing Are you playing music loud to drown out other sounds? Then get the best earphones possible. The Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones (around $110 on Amazon) put you in your own world. They fit inside your ear canal and form a super seal ... [...]

[06/30/10, via]
Etymotic Fires A Broadside Of New Gadgets And Custom Eartips At The iPhone These guys were all unveiled at this year’s CES, but earphone-maker Etymotic doesn’t pop out products very often — their still-popular er6i earbuds have been around since 2004 — so when no less than four Etymotic goodies are hitting stores within ... [...]

Etymotic Owners of ER6i I need your feedback

Aug 14, 2013     THREAD STARTER New Head-Fier Joined: Aug 14, 2013 Posts: 4 Likes: 0 Hi all, I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the Hi-Fi headphone world. My favorite set of headphones, the Etymotic Research ER6ijust died on me (the wiring in the plug is broken) after almost 7 years of loyal service. I'd try wiring a new plug in but, this hasn't really worked out well for me in the...

Etymotic announces 6i Isolator earphones now available in black to match new Apple iPods

Etymotic Research, Inc. announced today that its 6i Isolator earphones are now available in black, in addition to the original white. The 6i earphones are designed specifically for use with the Apple iPod and other small portable players, providing greater sound output and enhanced bass. The 6i earphones recently received the award for Best Headphones of 2005 by iLounge: analysts expect that by the end of 2005, more than 37 million iPods will have...

M-Audio IE-10 In-Ear Headphones Hands On

Musical hardware manufacturer M-Audio’s partnership with headphone maker Ultimate Ears has yielded what appears to be a more-expensive clone of UE’s headphone line. The entry-level M-Audio IE-10 is a carbon copy of the UE 3 Studio, which are formidable in-ear headphones. Direct competitors include Creative’s Zen Aurvana, Shure’s E2c, and Etymotic’s ER6i, and the IE-10 comes up smelling like a rose. The IE-10 has all the features that make its UE doppelganger great, like...

Etymotic ER4SR and ER4XR In-Ear Monitors

Ten years ago I acquired my first in-ear monitor. It was a slightly used Etymotic ER6i I bought at a Colorado Audio Society swap meet. I liked the way the triple-flange “deep-insertion” tips fit so much that they became my regular workout earphones for the next couple of years. Except for having to replace the filters, which clogged regularly every two or three months, the ER6i in-ears were trouble-free. A year after I got the ER6i I began using a pair of Etymotic’s flagship ER4 in-ears as my...