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Fiio E17 Review

Get Them Here ===== ===== Fiio E17 Review - Headphone Amplifier and DAC - digital to analog converter Get the best price on a Fiio ...

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[02/15/18, via ]
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Forbes [04/14/17, via Forbes]
Review: A Mobile DAC/Headphone Amp Comparison without amplification, as needed – to your headphones or speakers. Voilà: execrable sound becomes immediately decent or better. Over the last years, DACs have become increasingly important and visible elements in hi-fi chains, and only ever half a [...]

CNET [02/22/12, via CNET]
Fiio's tiny and extraordinary-sounding headphone amplifiers The E17 sounded even better than the E10. I could hear "deeper" into my recordings, so the quieter sounds of reverberation and ambience were newly evident. Bass was just as deep, but the tactile feel of bass drums was remarkable. Well-recorded female [...]

TNW [06/15/17, via TNW]
Blue Ella and Sadie headphones review: Stellar design and sound that don't come cheap and subtle electronic embellishments that you may not notice on your first listen all shine through immediately. That being said, the Ella is very much a house cat. It's designed to be used with a headphone amp or a powerful audio source, so you'll [...]

The Verge [05/26/16, via The Verge]
The easiest way to revolutionize your computer's audio Great audio is hard to sell because it doesn't lend itself to benchmarking or obvious prettiness like, say, a better graphics card might. To appreciate it, you have to immerse yourself in it, give it time to reveal itself and to reward you. With that [...]

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist  Fiio E17 Alpen Brief Review

WTS : ATH-M50 and Fiio E17

1) Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphone - . - Just the headphone unit. Review : http://kenrockwell. com/audio/audio-technica/ath-m50. 2) Fiio E17 Alpen - . - The unit LCD is showing some shadow but it is still easy enough to read. Must be because i always left it on when attached to PC. - Just the unit, a short 3. 5mm to 3. 5mm cable and a USB cable.


[05/03/15, via]
Dac and Headphones Amp on I found this out in my research before purchasing and was one of ... full review "The FIIO E17 Alpen is Great if you know how to use it!" - By Zen Master (Olympia, WA, US) Ever wanted a DAC but thought you couldn't afford the couple thousand plus? [...]

[02/19/15, via Tom's Guide]
Smartphone + AMP VS Descent MP3 Player I have a tough time choosing what will get me the best audio experience. I currently have V Moda M100 headphones, and Fiio E17 (and a crappy smartphone). And I cannot chose whether to sell E17 and get a descent Fiio X3 (or wait for X5) or to save up for a ... [...]

[12/30/13, via Tom's Hardware]
Fiio ALPEN E17 portable dac So i got myself a portable dac, but I mainly use it for my PC. The bass is very good, sound quality is great, but If i want more bass I have to max out my volume and at that point I just find it too loud. As a DAC there are not Bass Management settings in ... [...]

[01/17/13, via TrustedReviews]
FiiO QOGIR E09K But to do you have to combine it with FiiO’s £99 E17 ALPEN headphone amp/USB DAC, which can be conveniently docked into the recess on top of the E09K. The E09K is a beautifully made device. It’s fashioned from high quality materials, including a solid ... [...]

Review: Fiio Q1 – The Entry DAC/AMP

Disclaimer: Fiio sent us a free sample of the Fiio Q1 DAC/AMP for review, it doesn’t need to be returnedQ1 Fiio’s product line changes all the time. They’re adding new products, updating old products (-k) and creating new “letters” faster than Lucky Luke’s shadow. After the E07, E10 and E17 getting K versions, Fiio now has removed the E07K from their product line up and they have replaced it with the Q1. That now makes the Q1 the most entry product in Fiio’s line-up, being available for...

Fiio E17K – Alpen 2: A Good All-Round Starter

Disclaimer: Fiio is a site advertiser and sent me the E17K free for review. The E17K retails for $139 on Amazon.comFiio has been very busy with updating their product line. They first improved the E10 and E11 and now they have launched the “K” version of the famous E17, which was especially known for its DAC part.Where Fiio in the beginning had a warmer and more bassy sound, they now are a lot more clear and detailed sounding. It wouldn’t be Fiio if there wasn’t some sort of Bass Boost...

FiiO E07K

IntroductionThe E07K (dubbed ‘Andes’) is a portable headphone amplifier and DAC from FiiO, whose similar E17 amp earned a solid 9/10 in our review last year. It’s designed to pump top-drawer sound quality into the ears of audio enthusiasts using high-end headphones, and can be used as a high-quality sound card for a PC, or with a portable media player. It’s an upgraded version of the FiiO E7, adding a few new features that we’ll touch upon throughout the review.Headphone amps from audiophile...

Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headphones Review

Creative is quite well-known for its Audio Gear products across world and is now gearing up again to be a prime player in the Indian Market. Creative recently announced the Creative Aurvana Live! 2 in Global market as well in Indian market as the successor to highly acclaimed Aurvana Live!. Creative launched this flagship wired headphones in India for at MRP of Rs. 12,999. Fortunately we have received the opportunity to experience these flagship Head-Phones for a good time.Specifications of...