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Grado GR8 In-Ear Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


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"First Look" Grado GR8 In-Ear headphones unboxing Specifications: Detachable Cable: No Connector Type: 1/8" Ear Coupler Type: IEM Impedance @ 1kHz: 120 Wireless: No Noise ...

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[03/14/18, via ]
This RSS feed URL is deprecated [...] [04/21/10, via]
Grado GR8 Review Their SR60i headphones, for example, made our Best Headphones of 2010 list and are frequently praised as the best sounding on-ear headphones you can get for under $100.00. Considering the popularity of the iPod and other portable players, one might [...]

The Verge [02/09/17, via The Verge]
Etymotic and Grado are the masters of unsweetened music Audio companies design their sound in much the same way that synthetic food producers design their flavor. As one group weighs up macronutrients, the other tries to balance frequencies. And just as adding sugar can make unpalatable things enticing, so [...]

The Gadgeteer [07/24/16, via The Gadgeteer]
Grado GR10e in-ear headphones review So what is the “Grado sound,” anyway? All I can say after owning the original GR10, GR8 earphones and 325is headphones is that Grado strives for accuracy above an artificially enhanced bass-like sound. Some argue that Grado headphones are too bright [...]

Sound Guys [02/26/15, via Sound Guys]
Grado upgrades two pairs of in-ears to the 'e' Series These are the newer version of the previous generation, the GR8 in-ears and have the added 'e' to prove it. The new GR8e's have a frequency range of 20Hz – 20 kHz and max out at 118 dB. The next pair announced were the upgraded GR10e in-ear headphones [...]

Grado GR8

Grado Labs is a manufacturer of high-end dynamic open-air headphones and phonograph cartridges.
Founded by Joseph Grado and based in Brooklyn, NY, Grado Labs specializes in dynamic open-air, supra-aural, high-fidelity headphones, which have won awards and accolades from audio-related publications such as Stereophile magazine. Grado Labs holds 48 patents as of October 30, 2006. Grado currently produces five families of headphones, (including the iGrado, GR8, and GR10 In-Ear Monitors) at different price points:
An older series of headphones (the "HP Series") designed by company founder Joe Grado are also held in high regard in the audiophile community, often selling for high prices on the used market. Currently all present and future Grado headphone models are designed by Joe...

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I liked a @YouTube video  "First Look" Grado GR8 In-Ear headphones unboxing

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Grado GR8 Review -

Photo by Brooke Lin on Flickr

Out of the Box The GR8 model headphones from Grado are packaged very simply. Inside the compact box you’ll find the GR8 headphones , three different sizes of silicone ear tips and…well, that’s it. The GR8 do not come with a carrying case or any adapters. We think Grado expects you’ll pull them from the packaging, plug them in and never look back. Features and Design The GR8 headphones don’t jump out and grab your attention with any sort of outlandish turbo-jet styled design or gold plating. Where other manufacturers have gone so far as to point out the stout nature of their product, Grado has opted to create a headphone that is so light that you might just forget you’re wearing them. The cord, while not flimsy, is not nearly as robust as some of Grado’s competitors nor does it include a clip.


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[04/17/15, via]
Grado GR8e In-Ear Headphone I currently own the Grado GR8 but always wanted the GR10. Since I had so many IEM's, the 10 was out of the question. Well now Grado comes along with their new & greatly improved GR 8 & 10e. My initial reaction was you have so much,enough is really enough. [...]

[10/25/11, via PC Magazine]
Grado GR8 It's hard to imagine a less streamlined, undecorated design than the Grado GR8. The earpieces' one standout characteristic is the dark blue, shiny metallic finish, and the classy Grado logo emblazoned over it in white. A thin gray band separates the blue ... [...]

[01/12/11, via TrustedReviews]
Grado GR10 - Verdict Bearing in mind how highly we praised the GR8, it's not a surprise that we're impressed by ... any manufacturer), the GR10 earphones are downright fun to listen to. The Grado GR10 earphones they deliver what we can only call a sense of energy, a sense ... [...]

[12/02/10, via The Gadgeteer]
Mr. Earphone’s Holiday Suggestions (and Desires) And if I could ask for anything… Yeah, yeah. I know. More earphones. What can I say? I own the Grado Gr8 (love em) and now I want the GR10. Grado makes wonderful, lightweight earphones and they make even better headphones (I also own the 325i). [...]

[09/15/09, via Softpedia News]
Grado Have Revealed Their First In-Ear Headphones, the GR8 One simply couldn't find a better example to stand behind the notorious “never say ever” phrase: today's proof is the announcement made by one of the world's most acclaimed headphone manufacturers – Grado, stating the release of its first-ever in-ear ... [...]

Grado GR8 Review

If you are seeking the answer to whether those moving armatures make the GR8 sound radically different to other in-ear monitor designs, I’ll save you the bother- not really. If you ask the slightly more nuanced question, can I see the point to this approach, then more positively, I can definitely see why Grado has gone to the effort of engineering this solution.The GR8 shares many aspects of voicing and tonality with the full size Grado headphones. They are clear and detailed and have a...

Grado – GR8e

Disclaimer: Grado sent this GR8e for the purposes of this review. I paid nothing but UPS bribes. It goes for $299. You can find out more about it here.I loved the Grado GR8. Its 120Ω resistance made sure that all but the worst amps out there were able to spit it a good signal. This is intent-driven design at is best. The GR8e is an intent-driven evolution of the original. And, it is exquisite.If you’re keen on knowing how it handles, I’ve conveniently pasted the text from my review of the...

Grado In-Ear GR8 review:

The Grado GR8 earphones are the answer to the audiophile community's prayers for the company to add a pair of earbuds to its line of popular over-ear headphones. Grado Labs maintains its tradition of full-bodied sound and solid build quality with the GR8s, but the steep $300 price puts them out of reach for all but the most dedicated music lover, especially when a more average music lover can achieve upper-echelon sound with a cheaper headphone set like the $80 Editors' Choice Award-winning...

Grado GR8

Grado Labs, the Brooklyn-based manufacturer of cartridges for turntables and high-fidelity headphones, recently got serious about in-canal earphones. The Grado GR8, at $299 (list), joins a field crowded with excellent choices. The Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones ($179.95, 4.5 stars) and the Etymotic ER-4PT ($299, 4.5 stars) are two recent Editors' Choice winners. The GR8 offers more low-end response than the ER-4PT and less than the C5, making it an ideal choice for audiophiles...