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Grado Prestige Series SR225e Headphones $200.00

Grado Prestige Series SR225e Headphones

Grado Headphone Replacement Cushion "L" (genuine replacement - pair) $20.00

Grado Headphone Replacement Cushion "L" (genuine replacement - pair)


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Grado SR225 / SR225i Headphone Review

Hi everyone and welcome to my review of the Grado SR-225 headphones. These headphones are very nice, eceptional at detail retrieval at thier price point and ...

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GRADO Grado ear pads SR-80i SR-125i SR-225i SR-325is RS-2i for RS-1i [Ear... P/O $64.95

GRADO Grado ear pads SR-80i SR-125i SR-225i SR-325is RS-2i for RS-1i [Ear... P/O


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[01/10/18, via ]
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CNET (blog) [06/12/14, via CNET (blog)]
Grado SR225i review: Headphone buyers with concerns about long-term durability should appreciate Grado's service policies. The company will repair all of its full-size headphones, even models going back over 20 years. For example, Grado will repair any SR225 or SR225i [...]

CNET [08/17/10, via CNET]
Before you buy full-size headphones, read this With an open-back headphone, like the Grado SR225i, you hear external sound quite clearly. This is a good thing if you ever want to listen on the street. Anyone near you will hear some of the sound of the Grado. Bass may not have the weight of a closed [...]

[02/12/16, via InnerFidelity]
HEADPHONE MEASUREMENTS Grado HF-1 Prototype · Grado HF-1 Serial #69 · Grado HF-1 Serial #69 w/goo bowl mod · Grado HF-2 · Grado RS1e Bowl Pads · Grado RS1e S-Cushions · Grado RS1e Flat Pads · Grado RS1e Yellow Pads · Grado RS1 · Grado RS2 · Grado PS1000 · Grado GS1000 [...]

Lifehacker [11/29/15, via Lifehacker]
Headphone Showdown: Grado SR80e vs Audio-Technica ATH-M50x vs Sony MDR-V6 The Grado SR80e has a distinct retro look and feel. The old-school pads sit on your ears, not over them, and the back has an open grille that allows for passage of sound. The headband is a simple leather band, and the adjuster is just a metal bar [...]

Grado SR225i Headphones and adaptor – Perfect condition 

[07/08/15, via]
Jabra MOVE Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (red) I had to hear it to believe it could even come close to the wired standard. And it does.... For everyday listening, I prefer these to my wired grado sr225i. Calls are decent too. A tad lossy on the high frequency syllables for listeners of your voice ... [...]

[04/18/15, via Tom's Guide]
Audiophile on-ear headphones for Iphone I dont care about microphone or inline remote functionalities. If you like a bit more bass, you can try at ad900x or if you like rock/metal above everything, you can try grado sr225i... Go to a hi-fi shop, listen to both of them and choose for yourself. [...]

[11/25/12, via Cleveland Plain Dealer]
The Beatles, Rage Against the Machine and Woody Guthrie showcased in elaborate boxed-sets: Holiday Gift Guide C.Y. Price: $129.98 Grado SR225i headphones What: You can keep your Beats by Dre, your Skullcandy and your fancy, noise-canceling Bose sets. If you want the best-sounding cans money can buy, then you want an open-backed set, and you probably want Grados. [...]

[08/17/10, via CNet]
Before you buy full-size headphones, read this Though there are many types of full-size (circumaural) or earpad (supra-aural) headphones, for this blog I'm going to compare an open-back headphone from Grado, the SR225i ($200), with a closed-back headphone from Phiaton, the PS 500 ($299). Sure ... [...]

[05/24/08, via]
Grado Prestige Series SR125i Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer) For this much money, I expect them to be more comfortable out of the box. I have tried one of Grado's older models that still has the flat ear pads (as opposed to the new bowl style), and I find them comfortable. I am planning to swap my ear pads for the ... [...]

AD700 vs Grado sr125i vs sr225i

I am thinking of getting some new cans to replace my Sol Republic Tracks HD (not happy with them as they don't sound as good as I thought they would :( .....130 down the drain going to sell them off to a guy at work). What are your thoughts on these cans?I want something that sounds as good if not better than my AD700s but is also comfortable as I wear them for LONG periods of time.Are the above cans pretty good? These tracks are disappoint. .ocn-threads-first-post-500x50 { width: 500px;...

Grado SR80i vs SR225i

Heya, Most will claim that the SR225i is the best value in the line. Personally, after having owned 3 Grados, I have to say, really the SR60i is perfectly good. Bass is actually good on Grados. I've made mine pulse some good tones for EDM and even some dub, especially if you have something that does EQ well (the Grados can bass it up, my E11 with EQ2 setting for bass makes them thump very nicely and drop pretty low, they're not bass shy at all, they're just not earthquake cans). I don't find...

The Beatles, Rage Against the Machine and Woody Guthrie showcased in elaborate boxed-sets: Holiday Gift Guide

Here's a Fab and unique gift: A limited-edition Beatles' pen set.Courtesy Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum In the era of iTunes and Spotify, holiday boxed-set season gives us a chance to revel in real, actual things, of all things. Elaborately (re)packaged and crammed with goodies, offerings from the Beatles to Rage Against the Machine to Woody Guthrie ensure that there's a tactile treasure for everyone this year. Thinking of something a little more outside the box (groan) set for your...

Don’t Break The Bank: 6 Of The Best Headphones You Can Buy Under $200

AdvertisementThere’s a sweet spot in the price of headphones. If you’re spending more than $200, you need to be a serious audiophile to appreciate that bump in quality. But for most people who are particular about their tunes, $200 is that sweet spot.Of course, headphones come in all shapes and sizes, with different features that appeal to different types of users. So let’s not beat around the bush anymore. If you’re on a tight budget, there are quality $50 headphones to purchase5...