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[12/10/17, via ]
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Vancouver Sun [11/23/17, via Vancouver Sun]
Black Friday: Find the best deals around Metro Vancouver Cyber Monday Special: Free headphones or Bluetooth speaker with a purchase of $99 or more + free shipping. Native Shoes – Free shipping. Up to 50% off on the website. Ragnar Jewelers – Black Friday Event – Free Apple Watch [...]

The Daily Dot [11/22/17, via The Daily Dot]
The iPhone X is the first $1000 phone—and it's worth it Apple needed to adjust. Apple responded the iPhone X, a phone unlike any iPhone before it. Gone are Touch ID, display bezels, and the iconic home button. In their place is a set of bold (and controversial) new features, that, for the first time since [...]

AOL UK [10/10/17, via AOL UK]
Ikea reports rising sales as wind turbines surpass store numbers Flat pack furniture giant Ikea has posted rising full year sales and revealed that it now owns more wind turbines than stores as it moves a step closer to becoming "energy independent". The Swedish retailer said group sales for the year to August grew [...]

WIRED [10/10/17, via WIRED]
Review: Google Home Mini My Google Assistant is many things, but it's mostly a meteorologist. I work 40 miles from my apartment, and the Bay Area's many microclimates mean I'll experience several weathers between my door and my desk. The questions come in the same order every [...]

RT @hachi8free: IKEA just released this new headphone stand  via @reddit 

RT @hachi8free: IKEA just released this new headphone stand  via @reddit 

RT @hachi8free: IKEA just released this new headphone stand  via @reddit 

RT @hachi8free: IKEA just released this new headphone stand  via @reddit 

RT @hachi8free: IKEA just released this new headphone stand  via @reddit 

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The Motion Picture Guide, 1997 Annual The Motion Picture Guide, 1997 Annual
Published by Cinebooks 1997
ISBN 0933997396,9780933997394
792 pages

Sleeping Kanye hits the internet, Photoshoppers pull no punches -

bag luggage brett brettjordan 240813 thestufficarryaround Photo by Brett Jordan on Flickr

Users worldwide took it upon themselves to alter the image of the napping rapper in as many ways possible - with results ranging from the well observed and subtle to the downright ridiculous. A wry comment on how staged the lives of modern celebrities are, Reddit user vinnienine has doctored the photograph to look like the 'sleeping' image is, in fact, a mirror selfie. Next up is this topical offering from _korbendallas_, which mocks West's recent appeal to Mark Zuckerberg for money. "Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas," the songwriter tweeted. After being accused of blasphemy for equating himself to the Son of God in 2013 - his sixth studio album, Yeezus , featured a track called 'I am a God' - the rapper last year named his first son 'Saint'.


Cyber Monday Sales Now Live for Macs, iPads, Accessories and More - Mac Rumors

office desk lifehacker declutter decluttered Photo by Simon Starr on Flickr

So Apple TV is on sale at Target, but only online, but not available to pick up or ship and can be purchased at the store only. Drive to Walmart or Staples, and price match it and screw target. I tried to price match it also at Best Buy but the store manager said they are not price matching until after cyber Monday. But I walked into Staples, there was not a soul in the store.


[03/22/16, via Yahoo News]
15 great wireless chargers to free yourself from cables 5 great wireless chargers Choetech Iron Stand Wireless Charger ($36 ... That means you could charge up to four devices at once. It has a typical Ikea style that’s rounded and unobtrusive, it’s designed to fit in with any décor, and it’s finished ... [...]

[01/02/16, via]
THE DIY HEADPHONE STAND THREAD - Page 21 (metal rod, neoprene foam) The base is some scrap wood cut down, sanded and varnished with a wood block to hold pipe securely. Check hardware store for a wooden nickel to cap the pipe DIY Headphone stand- Spray painted PVC pipe, scrap wood and glue. Definitely doing this.: [...]

[07/09/15, via]
Combatting “Sitting Disease”: A Review of IKEA’s Stand/Sit Desk Combatting “Sitting Disease”: A Review of IKEA’s Stand/Sit Desk Elizabeth Kanna Why They Hate Us Cass Sunstein Influencer Please, no more brainstorm sessions. This is how innovation really works. Matthew Syed [...]

[07/08/15, via The Gadgeteer]
Ikea’s line of Qi chargers are available now Earlier in the year, we told you that Ikea had announced a line of Qi wireless chargers, some of which would be incorporated into their lamps and furniture. Those chargers are available for purchase now. They have some stand-alone chargers, like the ... [...]

[04/28/15, via Wall Street Journal]
This Desk Makes You Stand Up for Your Health The average Stir desk user stands 50% of the day. • According to science, sitting down for more than three hours a day can shave a person’s life expectancy by two years. WHY IS THIS JOB TRYING TO KILL ME? • IKEA makes a standing desk for just $489 ... [...]

'Ikea economy' spawns upstarts keen to cash in

At Ikea, you can fill your house to Scandinavian perfection with 9000-plus products that fit almost any budget. What you won't find: anything your neighbour hasn't already seen.For shoppers with some extra cash and a desire to stand out, growing numbers of entrepreneurs are changing that, with add-ons for Ikea's ubiquitous offerings. Their creations range from $989 slipcovers for Ektorp sofas - twice the price of the couch itself - to $17 screw-on feet that transform a winged chair from...

12 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 8 And iPhone X

One of Apple’s greatest strengths is that they are constantly at the forefront of innovation. Or at least that’s true most of the time. In the case of wireless charging, however, they’re actually a little bit late to the game. Still, they’ve righted the ship with the announcement that both iterations of the iPhone 8 and the X will feature Qi-compatible charging.This does, however, spell trouble for anyone that just came to terms with the abandonment of the headphone jack in favor of the...

Review: ‘Star Wars: Jedi Challenges,’ the future force in AR games?

If you’re a “Star Wars” fan, seeing the lightsaber from “Star Wars: Jedi Challenges” will make you smile.And that’s exactly the emotion Disney, Lucasfilm and Lenovo hope will persuade those fans to spend $200 for one of the first augmented reality game systems available for consumers, especially as excitement builds ahead of the Dec. 15 premiere of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the next installment in the iconic sci-fi movie saga.That’s a lot of cash for a self-contained gaming system that, for...

The best iPad docks and stands for home and away

If you have an iPad, you will probably need a stand at some point. Unlike the iPhone, which is almost always used in the hand, an iPad is equally good handheld, or on a desk. Thankfully, there are a zillion different kinds of stand and dock to fit almost any need. Today we’ll look at the best non-specialized stands. These are all-purpose docks and supports that don’t pack anything other than clever design, and maybe the odd charging plug.Best desktop iPad dockSturdy, and very...