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Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones (TRIPLE BLACK)【Japan Domestic genuine products】



SSport Free BLK
Product Features:
◆ Battery: rechargeable lithium ion battery / ◆ Charging time: about 2 hours / ◆ Battery duration: Maximum about 5 hours at full charge
● Multilingual Instruction Manual URL (PDF):
◆ External dimensions: ● Body: (W) 25 × (H) 32 × (D) 30 mm / ● Case: (W) 100 × (H) 38 × (D) 48 mm / ◆ mass: ● Body: 18 g (pair) / ● Case: 80 g
◆ Supplied items: ● SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones / ● Portable charging case / ● StayHear + Sport tip (3 sizes) / ● USB cable
Product Description
Product features ★ Completely wireless, surprising sound ◆ Bose's first complete wireless in-ear headphone ● It is hard to come off with complete wireless excluding cables, and it does not disturb any movement. ● With Bose's proprietary technology, we achieved a clear and powerful sound. ◆ Advanced technology, Condensed here ● We stuck to the details, from digital signal processing for sound quality improvement to the antenna position for stable Bluetooth® connection development. ● It provides complete wireless, surprising sound. ◆ It is hard to come off and fit comfortably even for long use ● The StayHear + Sport tip fits gently on the ear with a conical nozzle. ● The unique wing realizes a stable wearing feeling. ◆ The best performance in every scene ● Although athletes need a steady effort for years to improve performance, the same can be said about improving headphone performance. ● Unique digital signal processing and an equalizer optimized to the volume realize a clear, balanced and powerful sound regardless of the volume. ◆ Drip proof specification strong against rain and sweat ● It prevents water droplets from entering the headphones causing trouble. ● Adopted mesh material with water repellency in open port. ● It prevents water from entering the inside and can be used without concern for rain or sweat. ◆ It's not just a case ● The attached case not only protects the body, it is also possible to charge SoundSport Free wireless headphones. ● Up to 5 hours continuous playback with one charge. ● By fully charging the case you can charge twice, and about 10 hours of playback is possible. ● It can also be used for 45 minutes with fast charge for 15 minutes. ◆ Find headphones ● What if I lose SoundSport Free wireless headphones? Please do not worry. ● I will help you to find headphones that the Bose Connect application has lost. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※
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