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SYNC by 50 Cent Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black by SMS Audio (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

SYNC by 50 Cent Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black by SMS Audio (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


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Unboxing and tour of the Sennheiser RS 160 KLEER wireless headphones

This is an unboxing, tour and setup of the RS 160 wireless headphones featuring KLEER technology.

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The Verge [01/09/15, via The Verge]
The first truly wireless earbuds are here, and they're awesome The last wireless headphones I saw this week were from a company called HearNotes. While they had the most polished-looking setup compared to Bragi and FreeWavz, it was the one company that wouldn't let me try the headphones on. Still, should the [...]

InnerFidelity [05/19/17, via InnerFidelity]
InnerFidelity's "Wall of Fame" Wireless (Bluetooth, KLEER, and other wireless protocols): This category includes both home base station units for TV/movie viewing, and Bluetooth/wireless devices for use portably. Each page will list the headphones roughly in price order, most [...]

[01/05/15, via TechHive]
Meet HearNotes: the really, truly wireless earbuds Las Vegas —I've tried wireless earbuds before—they're a pain. They're not truly wireless; oh, they might connect to your device wirelessly, but the left and right buds are still connected to each other with a wire. And that wire gets tangled in your [...]

The Verge [07/31/15, via The Verge]
First Click: Tiny wireless earbuds are definitely coming this summer, maybe The title sequence is even cited as inspiration for the Earin Kickstarter campaign, aka, the "world's smallest wireless earbuds." Kickstarter and Indiegogo are rife with similar Bluetooth projects like the Bragi Dash and Trex. Dot found its Kickstarter [...]

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The first truly wireless earbuds are here, and they're awesome - The Verge

shozu headphones ces earbud sennheiser digitalexperience mxw1 Photo by RobotSkirts on Flickr

Every few months I boot up my Google machine and search for "wireless earbuds. That forces me to deal with problems like durability and fit, and the fact that the wires on every pair of earbuds seem to fail, like clockwork, every six months. See all the latest CES 2015 news here ›. That is the GIF that David Pierce and I passed back and forth to each other after he got our Moto Hint review unit in. (It's also become the reference point for nearly the entire internet when it comes to... ) The Hint wasn't our favorite device , but it fit in my ear so well that my desire for a pair of wireless in-ears skyrocketed over the last few months. It's taken a long time to get here, but a few companies showed up at CES with some production models that are nearly ready to hit the market in 2015. I set out around Las Vegas to give them a listen.

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Meet HearNotes: the really, truly wireless earbuds - TechHive

Las Vegas —I’ve tried wireless earbuds before—they’re a pain. They’re not truly wireless. oh, they might connect to your device wirelessly, but the left and right buds are still connected to each other with a wire. So when I spied HearNotes’ “WireFree” earbuds at the CES Unveiled event on Sunday, I wanted to know more. The left and right components of these earbuds are completely separate wireless entities that pair to a transmitter you plug into your smartphone or media player’s headphone jack. And unlike lesser earbuds, the HearNotes don’t rely on Bluetooth. In my experience, Kleer delivers significantly better audio quality than Bluetooth, and it has better range, too: Up to 50, compared to 30 feet for Bluetooth).

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[01/25/16, via The Guardian]
TDK WR700 wireless headphones If you want to be wired for sound without any wires, TDK's WR700 wireless headphones ... I'd feared the worst: wireless headphones are not generally known for high fidelity. TDK has got close by following Sennheiser and using the Kleer (PDF) wireless ... [...]

[12/15/15, via walmart.com]
Sennheiser RS 160 - Open Box Wireless Headphones portable transmitter - also runs on battery power Multi-receiver mode- Up to 4 Sennheiser KLEER headphones listening to the same source Digital volume control with mute function Leatherette earpads and headband cushions for outstanding comfort No set-up ... [...]

[03/18/15, via PC World]
The fitness fanatic’s guide to earbuds: Everything you should consider before you shop Unlike most wireless headphones, HearNotes uses Kleer technology instead of Bluetooth, and will reportedly boast 12 to 20 hours of battery life. If you’d like to limit the number of high-tech gadgets adorning your body during your workouts, you might ... [...]

[11/07/15, via TechCrunch]
LG patents, will never build in-phone wireless earbuds Why did they patent this? So that when a company like Kleer launches their actual working earbuds, LG and every other manufacturer can get a cut of the patent licensing pie. This technology will happen, I have no doubt. But I can’t see LG spearheading it. [...]

[09/07/15, via shinyshiny.tv]
HearNotes are ‘the first truly wire-free earbuds’ What’s getting us excited this time is HearNotes, ‘the next generation of portable, audio evolution’, which are the first truly wire-free earbuds ... earbuds have spent 18 months honing their design to create HearNotes. The earbuds feature Kleer ... [...]

Review: Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC Wireless Active Noise Cancelling headphones

Thomas Bartlett 6 days ago Headphones Looking back on our coverage of Sennheiser over the years, I’m reminded of how wireless headphones used to work. Our review of the Sennheiser RS160 headphones opened by discussing the “digital wireless technology from Kleer”. Bluetooth? What was that?Seven years ago when we published that review, the iPhone was around and would work with Bluetooth, but the iPod (both Classic and Nano) were Bluetooth-less. Wireless headphone...

Kleer and Mercedes Benz untether in-car headphones

Few autos can boast high quality wireless audio. Low quality Bluetooth headphones have dominated the market, but the folks at Kleer may be changing the landscape.Kleer – makers of high quality wireless technology – will partner with Mercedes to replace the infrared technology the company currently uses. Kleer’s technology will be put into new Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class models. This will be proprietary, low-power, CD-quality digital wireless audio emitted from a pair of video screens...

Amazing Kleer Wireless Technology

Many people are familiar with and use Bluetooth wireless technology. This technology comes installed in many phones, mp3 players, and other electronic devices. For people that want to get rid of the wires on their mp3 though there is a much better alternative. Kleer wireless technology has many advantages over Bluetooth for listening to music. So let us explore what these might be.Kleer technology was developed specifically to come up with a better way of transmitting music wirelessly. The...

50 Cent’s SYNC wireless headphones by SMS Audio rise to the top (review)

[media-credit name=”SYNC” align=”alignnone” width=”485″][/media-credit]SNYC wireless headphones by 50 Cent.In a world of continuously growing mobile media, maintaining silence can sometimes be a challenge. For example, I work in a Sports department newsroom, and I work nights. So not only do I have to maintain silence out of respect to my coworkers, but also when returning to a sleeping household. At work, sure, it’s a treat having the Rockies game on the television ten feet from my desk. But...