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Koss PortaPro Review - The Best Low Budget Headphone

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[03/09/18, via ]
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CNET [03/18/17, via CNET]
Koss Porta Pro headphone refresh is better than ever for just $60 Impedance is rated at 60 ohms, and just like the original Porta Pro, the Limited Edition's 4-foot cable isn't user-replaceable. That said, the headphone is covered under Koss' Lifetime Warranty, so if the Limited Edition breaks Koss will repair or [...]

CNET [10/28/17, via CNET]
Koss' all-new $30 KPH30i headphone is a winner The Koss KPH30i headphones in white. Koss. Koss makes a bunch of headphones over a wide price range, but the company has a special affinity for making outstanding budget 'phones. Take its Porta Pro: It's been in the line since 1984, and when you pick [...]

Sound Guys [01/30/17, via Sound Guys]
Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition Review Besides the color, the only other change to the Porta Pro's comes here. The cable now ends in a Lightning connector. Just kidding, you'll still find a 45-degree 3.5mm connector here. But on the audio cable is a slight adjustment to help out users [...]

TrustedReviews [05/22/16, via TrustedReviews]
Apple TV 4K The is the latest of Apple's streaming boxes. The units are rarely updated, but we've now had two in as many years because of the advent of 4K and HDR TVs. 4K TVs have become the standard. It's possible to get decent ultra-high-definition [...]

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[03/05/16, via CNET Asia]
Stop buying disposable headphones! These classics all trump the latest 'phones All seven classic headphones listed below are still in production -- they must be doing something right. I regularly spot folks wearing Koss Porta Pro on-ear headphones in the subway and streets of New York City. The Porta Pro ($50) has been in continuous ... [...]

[03/01/16, via]
Koss 181008 KPH7 Portable Stereophones Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart. These Koss headphones are really nice. Lightweight plastic material that fits very snugly and eliminates sound bleeding out and disturbing others. For $4, I couldn't be happier - unless ... [...]

[12/02/15, via Digital Trends]
Best headphones under $50 You can rarely go wrong with Japanese engineering, and the Zero Audio Carbo Basso are a reflection of how value can be had at any price point. The name “Basso” isn’t a misnomer either; it’s a clear reference to the sheer amount of bass the ... [...]

[08/26/15, via]
Koss Porta Pro Headphones Consumer testers noted that Koss' Porta Pro pair was just mediocre in terms of comfort, and sound quality also earned middling scores in GHRI tests. But the headphones were the most portable of the bunch we tested, thanks to their fold-up design. [...]

[08/14/15, via Seeking Alpha]
Koss: Why I Am Buying This $2 Electronics Stock Now It is sometimes possible to find bargains and "undiscovered" gems in the small-cap sector. Koss has a very strong brand name, highly-rated products and a loyal following amongst audiophiles. The company's shares appear very undervalued at this time ... [...]

Koss’s PortaPro KTC Headphones Are Sick, Sexy, Vintage And Ready For Your iPhone [Review]

The most common reaction people have when they see me wearing my Koss PortaPros is: “Don’t you work in tech? Can’t you afford some Skullcandies or something, instead of those hand-me-down headphones from the 70s?”I always want to smack these people for their shameful ignorance and misguided elitism, but don’t… mostly because this is exactly the same reaction I had when, two years ago, I saw a pair of Koss PortaPros perched upon Cult of Mac review editor Charlie Sorrel’s lank,...

Best On Ear Headphones

This entry was posted on September 20, 2017 by Oscar. Looking for a new pair of on-ear headphones?  We've collected the best on ear, open back, closed back and portable headphones to buy in 2017 and reviewed them to help you choose.Shop:Visit our on-ear headphones storeRead More:Best In Ear Headphone Buying GuideBest On Ear Headphones under £50SoundMAGIC P22C SoundMAGIC takes a lot of beating in this price category – the brand is a natural at making low cost headphones which...

Koss KEB40 Earphones Review

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Koss SP540

What is the Koss SP540?Koss has long had one of the most popular sets of portable headphones on the market in the shape of the Koss Porta Pro. With the SP540, though, it’s stepping things up a gear, adding a luxurious build, over-ear comfort and a tough carry case to create one of the most travel-friendly sets of full-size headphones. Koss SP540 – Design and FeaturesFirst things first, the SP540 certainly won’t be taking the pocketable portability crown from the Porta Pros. While compact for...