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Koss Porta Pro On Ear Headphones with Case, Black / Silver $41.96

Koss Porta Pro On Ear Headphones with Case, Black / Silver

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Koss Porta Pro with Microphone and Remote


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[11/29/17, via ]
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CNET [10/28/17, via CNET]
Koss' all-new $30 KPH30i headphone is a winner KPH30i comes with Koss's limited lifetime warranty -- if it breaks Koss will always repair or replace it. The KPH30i is unusually comfortable to wear for extended periods. bowers-and-wilkins-px.jpg. 40. Best headphones for the holidays 2017. The [...]

CNET [02/18/17, via CNET]
Why do we keep buying disposable audio crap? Most cheap headphones aren't built to last. They fall apart or stop working in less than a year, then get tossed in the garbage. You get a new pair and the cycle repeats again and again. Sure, they're cheap, but over time you could have bought a much [...]

CNET [03/18/17, via CNET]
Koss Porta Pro headphone refresh is better than ever for just $60 Impedance is rated at 60 ohms, and just like the original Porta Pro, the Limited Edition's 4-foot cable isn't user-replaceable. That said, the headphone is covered under Koss' Lifetime Warranty, so if the Limited Edition breaks Koss will repair or [...]

Sound Guys [01/30/17, via Sound Guys]
Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition Review Besides the color, the only other change to the Porta Pro's comes here. The cable now ends in a Lightning connector. Just kidding, you'll still find a 45-degree 3.5mm connector here. But on the audio cable is a slight adjustment to help out users [...]

Koss On-Ear PortaPro Headphones - $39.99 — Tacky as fuck but a necessary part of my work bag for 6+ yrs t.co/SPXHetZEgV 

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Another Koss headphone plus: Lifetime warranty - CNET

broken anniversary 25 25th limited edition 414 sen koss sennheiser hd414 portapros Photo by Aaron G (Zh3uS) on Flickr

Well into their 26th production year, we're proud to include them in our list of the Best Portable Headphones for more than just those reasons--they also happen to carry a lifetime warranty, no questions asked. Stereophones that were purchased after July of 1989 are covered by our No-Questions-Asked Lifetime warranty. The company continues to offer its no-questions-asked lifetime warranty, and I'd be hard pressed to find another vendor with the same level of customer service. Check out our full review of the Koss Porta Pro headphones.

[via www.cnet.com]

Great sounding affordable headphones, the Audiophiliac's top picks for 2015 - CNET - CNET

ipod headphones koss portapro Photo by vages on Flickr

Last month I posted " The Audiophiliac's top 10 (full-size) headphones for 2015 " list of the world's best and most expensive models, this time it's an affordable headphone list. I've limited my selections to just one model from each brand, and I've spent many hours listening to each of these headphones, they're listed in alphabetical order. Audio Technica ATH MSR7 The ATH-MSR7 from Audio Technica is a big step up from other headphones in its price class in terms of resolution, so it's the sort of sound that gets strong reactions from listeners. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition The DT 880 Edition is available in three different versions, a low 32 Ohm model for use with portable music players, and 250- and 600-ohm models for home use.

[via www.cnet.com]

[03/01/16, via walmart.com]
Koss 181008 KPH7 Portable Stereophones Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart. These Koss headphones are really nice. Lightweight plastic material that fits very snugly and eliminates sound bleeding out and disturbing others. For $4, I couldn't be happier - unless ... [...]

[08/26/15, via goodhousekeeping.com]
Koss Porta Pro Headphones Consumer testers noted that Koss' Porta Pro pair was just mediocre in terms of comfort, and sound quality also earned middling scores in GHRI tests. But the headphones were the most portable of the bunch we tested, thanks to their fold-up design. [...]

[02/10/14, via lapostexaminer.com]
Koss Porta Pro: All in good fun To top it all off, Koss offers a no-questions-asked life-time warranty. If anything happens, you just send‘em in, pay for shipping and you get a new pair! All of this together makes the Porta Pro an easy recommendation for anyone who is new to audio or ... [...]

[03/30/12, via cultofmac.com]
Koss’s PortaPro KTC Headphones Are Sick, Sexy, Vintage And Ready For Your iPhone [Review] Koss's PortaPro KTC Headphones with in-line mic and remote ... I saw a pair of Koss PortaPros perched upon Cult of Mac review editor Charlie Sorrel’s lank, salt-and-peppery head. Since then, I’ve converted a dozen friends to Koss PortaPros the same ... [...]

[01/30/12, via cultofmac.com]
Koss’s Timeless Porta Pros Just Became The Best iPhone Compatible Headphones You Can Buy For Under $50 and which Koss stands behind with a lifetime warranty. The only problem with the Porta Pros is that their design is so classic, so time-tested that it doesn’t feature one of the major necessities of a good pair of on-the-town headphones of the last few ... [...]

For Bangup Headphone Listening, Try Koss Tnt Models

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. John Koss takes credit for TNT.Not the explosive TNT, but titanium nitride stereophones. Koss Corp. engineers found a way of fabricating titanium nitride, an extremely rigid, lightweight material, into diaphragms for headphones. Previously, the material was used in other industries to cut titanium.The legacy of Nobel`s invention is the Nobel Prize. John Koss awards purchasers the first lifetime stereo headphone warranty. Blow up your stereophones and Koss will...

The best on-ear headphones you can buy

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.   Koss/Business InsiderThe Insider Pick: On-ear headphones give you great sound in a portable package that's comfortable to wear. Master & Dynamic's MW50 are the best on-ear headphones we've tested yet. They're an investment, but you'll appreciate these headphones more each day, as you rediscover favorite...

Haves and Wants: The tech we bought in 2011 and we want in 2012

Each one of us made some new tech acquisitions in 2011, even if it was just a gift from Santa. Or daddy. But have you ever asked yourself, what do the people who write about tech buy? And what do they want to buy? Here is a compilation of what some of the Tech2 team as well as the Chip team bought in 2011 as well as what we would like in 2012.2011: iPad 2. 2012: Senheiser HD700Rossi Fernandes, Head, Labs of Tech2 wrote that his best tech acquisition of 2011 was the iPad 2. He says that the...

Koss’ all-new $30 KPH30i headphone is a winner

Enlarge ImageThe Koss KPH30i headphones in white. Koss Koss makes a bunch of headphones over a wide price range, but the company has a special affinity for making outstanding budget 'phones. Take its Porta Pro: It's been in the line since 1984, and when you pick up a pair it's easy to see why. Nothing else looks or feels like a Porta Pro, and it's so darn lovable. I mean that -- when I'm...