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Accidental Tech Podcast 156: A Mac on Fire

Follow-up: Previous-episode feedback and constructive criticism Einstein's quote ( ...

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[12/15/17, via ]
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The Verge [07/08/16, via The Verge]
Bang & Olufsen's H6 are my new benchmark for portable headphones The best. The ultimate superlative is one of those dicey things that tech reviewers shouldn't play around with, owing to how different everyone's needs and preferences are, but I'm sorely tempted to use it about Bang & Olufsen's updated Beoplay H6 [...]

ZDNet [10/16/17, via ZDNet]
USB-C is a total dumpster fire because we want it to do too much too quickly Like Arment, I don't expect things to get better, just for things to change. The goal seems to be to transition from many cables through using a single cable, to going wireless. And in many ways modern smartphones have gone a long way to achieving this [...]

Mac Rumors [04/21/17, via Mac Rumors]
Overcast Podcast App Gains Standalone Apple Watch Playback Feature As of today, third-party podcast app Overcast lets users sync downloaded pods to their Apple Watch for standalone playback. The latest 3.1 update brings the much-requested feature to the popular podcast app, which was designed by Instapaper developer [...]

TechCrunch [09/07/16, via TechCrunch]
Courage. Apple kills headphone jack (1878 - 2016). RIP. Apple *officially* unveils the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus No, really, the headphone jack is more useful than you think! Data doesn't need to go to the headphones, nor do the headphones need to send data [...]

RT @chorusfm: Marco Arment’s Bluetooth Headphones Mega-Review 

Marco Arment’s Bluetooth Headphones Mega-Review 

Marco Arment’s Bluetooth Headphones Mega-Review 

Marco Arment’s Bluetooth Headphones Mega-Review 

Overcast 2.5 review: Patron-backed podcast app gets more efficient and adds exclusive features - Macworld

podcast del square toddler squareformat headphones delton theconversation 5by5 iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram Photo by Tom Carmony on Flickr

Overcast 2 added a number of much-requested features, like streaming audio, and added interesting ones, like Handoff support to allow moving among devices while retaining your current playback position. Developer Marco Arment says he’s improved battery efficiency somewhat, while dramatically reducing unnecessary network file sync operations (and thus bandwidth and time). The first release of Overcast had a few key features that tried to set it apart from several mature competitors, like Castro and Pocket Casts. Some of these were on the back end, like extra-finicky monitoring and parsing of syndication feeds to provide rapid updates when new episodes of subscribed podcasts were available, as well as providing sync.


Marco Arment's Mega Review of Portable, Closed Headphones - TidBITS

Overcast developer Marco Arment wants to find the perfect pair of headphones, and in the service of that quest, he has acquired and reviewed 19 pairs of portable, closed headphones to identify the best in that category. Surprisingly, the oft-derided Beats Studio, which Arment credits for popularizing high-end headphones, wasn’t the worst of the lot.


[03/18/16, via Macworld Mac Central]
Overcast 2.5 review: Patron-backed podcast app gets more efficient and adds exclusive features Developer Marco Arment says he’s improved battery efficiency somewhat ... the profile was designed only for headphones. Version 2.0 added improvements Smart Speed for quieter voices, though I don’t use the feature routinely and thus couldn’t tell ... [...]

[03/02/16, via]
The new headphone king: B&O H6 (2nd generation) I’ve been running my closed-headphone mega-review for nearly two years, with 29 headphones ranked so far, plus owning and testing many others that didn’t qualify (usually for being open-backed), from $30 to $5,000. It’s rare that a headphone can ... [...]

[01/09/16, via Forbes]
Apple Loop: Lightning Headphone Anger, New iPhone Leaks, Galaxy S7 Fights iPhone 7 Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes all the leaks and speculation around Apple dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack for ... the 2012 MacBook Pro so popular? Marco Arment looks at Apple’s warhorse ... [...]

[01/05/16, via]
Why is Apple’s ancient 2012 MacBook Pro still so popular? The 2012 MacBook Pro is still a surprisingly big seller for Cupertino. Here’s why. In an informative blog post, Overcast dev Marco Arment explains why this bulky, low-res Mac is still so popular, especially with volume customers like schools ... [...]

[12/28/15, via]
Apple’s high-resolution audio And as long as Apple’s not serving their demands, they risk losing them to competing ecosystems. Agreed. Also, If people care about the quality of their music, they should also invest in quality headphones. I use Ear Monitors from Future Sonics. [...]

Productivity & Focus Workshop Replay

[embedded content]We just hosted our first, live workshop for Sweet Setup readers. There were several hundred who joined us for live the workshop, and it was a blast!The goal of this workshop was for everyone to walk away with two things:Knowing the importance of a creative habit.Be ready and able to improve your own routine.In a nut, my writing routine is little more than a commitment to show up every day and do the work. And then I do all I can to remove the obstacles and distractions.Below...

The technical trainwreck that is USB-C

Marco Arment calmly explains USB-C, a garble of different standards shoehorned into using physically identical ports and cables which nonetheless remain maddeningly incompatible with one another.It’s comforting to think that over time, this will all settle down and we’ll finally achieve the dream of a single cable and port for everything. But that’s not how technology really works.An example I ran into was figuring out which USB-C monitors will work with and power which USB-C laptops. Even...

Time to Upgrade Your Podcast App?

Overcast (free on iOS and the Web): This app from Instapaper creator Marco Arment draws its podcasts from iTunes' second-to-none directory. That means you can choose from more than 250,000 shows. It's iOS compatible (good news for iPhone and iPad users), but there’s also a basic web browser version for those outside the Apple family. And the interface is easy to use.headphones</a> are working." data-reactid="23">Key features include synced playback history, which lets you pick up a...

Preview: Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference

Every year thousands of Mac and iOS developers descend on San Francisco for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC. The conference takes place June 8-12, though the big news will come from the keynote presentation on Monday morning, June 8.As someone who has attended every Apple developer conference since the late 20th century, here's what to expect from the week.It's not a fan event.A lot of people will probably describe the week as a gathering of fans. And while many Apple...