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neurowear "mico" app demo at SXSW

So many people tried our "mico" at SXSW Interactive Trade Show Austin, TX. Thank you so much everyone in Austin! *In this demo, prototype headset is used ...

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[02/17/18, via ]
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Phys.Org [03/12/13, via Phys.Org]
Brain wave-sensing Mico headphones dictate mood-worthy tune ( —Can your headphones read your mood and summon the music you want to hear? If these are Mico headphones, then that is their intent. Neurowear, the group behind the idea, hopes the smartphone user using these special headphones will want to [...] [03/18/13, via]
Mico Headphones Let Your Brainwaves Choose The Music The Mico headphones are in the prototype phase, and Neurowear says its prototypes are not available for outside testing, so we're not even going to ask. However, those silly cat ear things are real. You can buy them for $70. As such, it seems likely [...]

Huffington Post [03/19/13, via Huffington Post]
Mico Headphones By Neurowear Read Minds And Choose Music Based On Mood Ever wished your music player just knew you needed a Carly Rae Jepsen pick-me-up? Fortunately for you, the Japanese company behind a pair of mind-reading cat ears has your back. Neurowear announced earlier this month that it's developing a pair of [...]

YouTube [03/18/13, via YouTube]
neurowear "mico" app demo at SXSW So many people tried our "mico" at SXSW Interactive Trade Show Austin, TX. Thank you so much everyone in Austin! *In this demo, prototype headset is used instead of mico headphone. Category. Science & Technology. License [...]

Executive Guide to Speech-Driven Computer Systems Executive Guide to Speech-Driven Computer Systems
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2012
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113 pages
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Mico headphones scan brainwaves to match songs to your mood - Gizmag

Playing songs to match someone's state of mind is definitely an interesting idea – kind of like Pandora, but with your subconscious choosing the playlist. It might be interesting to see an inverse of the concept however, with the headphones playing an energetic song when detecting a person is drowsy, for example. Neurowear has yet to reveal any details about when the Mico headphones might be released or at what price, but you can watch the video below to see them demonstrated with Japanese model/photographer Julie Watai.


Surprising Innovation Revealed in New Chinese Smartphones -

Phone makers Huawei and Asus have been doing a pretty good job of introducing relatively affordable models with features and design cues based on premium-priced smartphones from Apple, Samsung and other more-established players. But at CES 2016, the big electronics show, both companies have introduced models with innovations that may signal their ascendance from technology implementers to innovation leaders. Huawei’s Mate 8 smartphone is a big smartphone, measuring 6. 19 inches x 3. 17 inches x 0. 31 inches. But its dazzling 6-inch 1080 x 1920 HD is a full half inch bigger and comes extremely close to the edges of the phone, which gives it an impressively sleek appearance. The phone is not slated currently slated for the U. S. , but it—or one just like it—should reach our shores before year’s end.


[02/19/15, via]
aLLreLi U8 Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Headphones U8 Bluetooth 4.1 #Sport #Headphones by aLLreli For ... scan your brain and play music to match your mood. mico - brainwave controlled headphones by neurowear - WHAT? [...]

[02/27/14, via]
the prettiest headphones I ever did see. microgem headphones Contact us at Music Technology Gadgets, Controlled Headphones, Amazing Technology, Plays, Headphones Scan, Brainwave Controlled, Mood Mico, Mico Brainwave These headphones scan your brain and play music to match your mood. mico - brainwave ... [...]

[12/03/13, via Ubergizmo]
Brain-Controlled Headphones Automatically Plays Music Based On Mood There are so many questions as to what song would be the best to play at certain times, and Nuerowear is introducing headphones that can help ... The Neurowear Mico doesn’t have a price or official release date, but hopefully the company can start ... [...]

[04/21/13, via iTech Post]
iPhone App And Headphones Uses Brain Waves To Choose Music Music has always affected the listener's mood. Now, a Japanese company has built a headphone that plays music according to your mood. Japanese company Neurowear developed a pair of headphones, called Mico, with an electroencephalography-enabled sensor. [...]

[03/22/13, via CNet]
Mind-reading headphones pick music based on your mood It's late afternoon. It's warm out and you're ready for a nap. You put on your Mico headphones and, as your eyelids droop, your headphones select a soothing mix of Kenny G, Enya, and Air Supply. An electroencephalograph sensor sits on your forehead to help ... [...]

Music Inspiration From Your Subconscious: Hands-on With MICO

AUSTIN ( — What if your smartphone could always play you music that you're in the mood to hear? That's the goal with MICO, a mind-reading headphone that connects to an iPhone and reads your brainwaves, creating a custom playlist based on your current mood. MICO recieves music inspiration from your subconcious, and the system aims to always give you music you want to hear. By reading your brainwaves directly, MICO can play the right tunes, whether you realize you want them or...

Nordost- Blue Heaven Headphone Cables- Terrific Value and Quality at an affordable price

Nordost first entered the high end cable market in 1991 with their flatline speaker cables that became internationally accepted and were well received. The success of Nordost over the last two decades is through the efforts of CEO Joe Reynolds and his team who continue to evolve with innovative designs and technology. They believe in long term value with their award winning products. Nordost products are all made in the USA. The explosive growth in the  personal audio market  has many...

Events that shaped Rwanda's social calendar in 2015

2015 has been one exciting year; and we have a pretty impressive social calendar to prove it. From gorilla naming to silent discos to mega concerts, 2015 has seen it all. And the good news is that some of Kigali’s new and hip events are now an annual celebration. Let’s take a look at some of the social events that rocked 2015, writes Dean Karemera.Car-free zone’s silent disco and live art paintingKigali City made history this year with the inauguration of a car-free zone area, and with it...

Weekender: Entertainment Calendar

Send listings to Unless otherwise indicated, phone numbers have a 518 area code.CLUBSBENTLEY’S TAVERN: Parade Ground Village, Malta. 899-4300. $5 Bloody Marys and $9 boneless wings with a glass of wine or draft beer.CAPTAIN JP CRUISE LINE: Along the Hudson River in Troy, behind Riverfront Park. June 19, 8:30-11:30 p.m., The Refrigerators.CARNEY’S TAVERN: Main Street, Ballston Lake, June 18 - 6 to 9 p.m. Matty Finn; June 19 - 7...