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Whether you want to listen to music or movies without disturbing others, get the best out of your MP3 player, or drown out background noise while exercising, ...

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Smart Speaker Choices Will Multiply in 2018 Consumers will see even more smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home land in stores next year, some industry analysts say. And the web-connected, voice-activated devices will come from traditional audio companies, too. Audio companies [...]

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Certification program helps agents plan autism-friendly vacations "Do we bring our noise-canceling headphones? Do we choose alternate seating?" Working with clients, Thibault sits down with the entire family or conducts a video chat if they're not local. She goes over the itinerary in detail and answers questions [...]

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Best Black Friday Headphone and Speaker Deals As Black Friday approaches, you can give your loved ones the gift of music. Or at least the devices that let them hear their favorite tunes with great sound and wireless convenience. Consumer Reports has highlighted the deals on headphones and speakers [...]

USA TODAY [01/02/18, via USA TODAY]
5G to AR: Here are 7 technologies to watch in 2018 Consider that noise-cancelling technology has been used in headphones for years to drown out sonic distractions in the background. But what if your earphones could learn which people in a room you want to hear more clearly, and, conversely, which folks [...]

#Samsung Is Reportedly Going To Unveil New Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones Alongside... Read more:  $005930

#Samsung might launch Level in ANC wireless noise cancelling headphones with Galaxy S8. Read more:  $005930

#Samsung to launch new wireless noise-cancelling headphones along with Galaxy S8. Read more:  $005930

#Samsung to launch new wireless noise-cancelling headphones along with Galaxy S8. Read more:  $005930

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Why Your Next Display will be VR Glasses

When I started as a programmer in 1988 I was in the first group of programmers at our company that was issued a terminal. The programmer’s job was to read a specification, design a program, then code the program on handwritten coding sheets, which were transcribed by (punch card) operators onto punch cards, and fed into the (mainframe) computer. As n00bs, we were considered quite privileged to get an 80 char wide, green, monochrome terminal, so we could code our program directly into the machine. Roll forward 28 years and we’ve seen the advent of the PC originally with 14″ monochrome (green or orange) CRT monitors, through various iterations of colour CRT monitors (CGA, VGA, XGA etc), to the introduction of LCD flat panel displays... At some juncture in the last decade, these displays have made their way onto increasingly small devices like phones and watches, and increasingly large devices like TV’s.

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Use Reviews to Improve Your Rankings, Sales and Branding

Local SERP Rankings A study by BrightLocal revealed that 85% of consumers read online reviews and 79% trust them as much as getting a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. It sounds silly that someone would trust a complete stranger, but consumers need to know that your business and offerings are worth their hard-earned money. Search Engines Love Reviews What do you do if you’re in an unfamiliar city, it’s 4:00 p. m. and you want food. And you’re most definitely not going to pick the restaurant with 2 stars when you can get dinner from the restaurant with 5 stars for the same price. So it’s safe to say that people favor businesses with better reviews. The search engine’s goal is to provide the user with those reviews or whatever their desired resource is.

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[02/19/16, via Live Mint]
All about that bass Bose has been making noise-cancelling headphones for consumers since 2006, and their SoundLink around-ear wireless headphones II are logical successors to the QuietComfort series. There are subtle improvements that you feel only when you have used them for ... [...]

[01/22/16, via WLTZ 38 News]
World Patent Marketing Success Group Launches Soundeffects, an Innovative Noise Cancelling Technology for Outdoor Use! "This industry has grown as demand for premium headphones, such as those with noise cancelling features, surged. I project bigger income for this market as consumer spending continues to rise." “It is natural for people to talk in a louder tone when they ... [...]

[01/08/16, via TechSpot]
More reports claim iPhone 7 will ditch headphone jack, add waterproofing In a move that no consumer really ... or by purchasing new headphones with a Lightning jack. The iPhone 7 also may not come with a pair of Lightning headphones in the box; instead, Apple will sell a pair of noise-cancelling, Lightning-equipped headphones ... [...]

[01/08/16, via 9 to 5 Mac]
Report: iPhone 7 to feature noise-canceling headphone tech, waterproof design, wireless charging Furthermore, the report adds that the audio system used in the iPhone 7 will feature new noise-canceling technology from U.K. audio company Wolfson Microelectronics. This tech will be built into the phone as well as into the headphones that are plugged ... [...]

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Audio-Technica U.S. CES 2016 debuts include company's first-ever wireless turntable, new Hi-Res Audio compliant, wireless, gaming and noise-cancelling headphones, and moreAt CES 2016 Audio-Technica ( [...]

Variable Noise-Canceling Headphones Let Some Outside Sounds In— on Purpose

Consumer Reports has no relationship with any advertisers on this website.Headphone makers have been striving for years to protect your ears from the distractions of daily life, developing and refining noise-canceling technology that allows you to enjoy every note of your favorite without the intrusion of coffee-shop chatter or construction work in the street outside your home.Our headphone ratings include more than two dozen noise-canceling models. (Find out how noise cancellation works,...

Research focused on the Global wire-winding type magnetic core chip power inductor market forecast to 2022

This report, titled Global Wire-Winding Type Magnetic Core Chip Power Inductor Market offers an important analytical guidance on the trends and developments in this industry. The report also provides a professional and in-depth analysis on the global Wire-Winding Type Magnetic Core Chip Power Inductor Market while formulating industry insights into its current state of affairs. The report offers details on the pricing structure and channels of distribution of equipment suppliers in the global...

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Kinder, gentler, therapy for back painFor back pain, new guidelines from the American College of Physicians recommend starting with treatments such as acupuncture, massage and yoga, and turning to drugs or surgery only when those more active therapies don't work.Consumer Reports lists nondrug therapies.1. Yoga and Tai Chi. These exercises strengthen the muscles in your abdomen and back that are crucial to supporting your back. They also improve balance and flexibility, and help you become...

Consumer Reports: Wireless earphones liberate listeners

The hottest developments in consumer electronics these days are as close as your ears. Headphone engineers are using some of the coolest cutting-edge technology to create portable earphones that are totally free of wires (finally!). They’ve designed some noise-canceling headphone models that deliver both excellent sound and noise-canceling capability. They’re also adding fun features and functions to sports models, such as heart-rate and activity monitors and “coaches” that will talk you...