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Sennheiser HD 600 Review - The MUST HAVE Audiophile Headphones

My Sennheiser HD 600 Review, covers everything from features & comfort to sound quality [Links Below] Best Price for Sennheiser HD 600 ...

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TechRadar [02/26/18, via TechRadar]
V-Moda XS review rap or any other bass-heavy genre, however, you'll want to check out the equally well-built but slightly more bass-forward Master & Dynamic MH30 instead. Mids are lush and slightly warm in the mid-bass region and highs are well extended without [...]

KitGuru [11/16/17, via KitGuru]
Sennheiser HD 660 S Headphone Review In the audio community, the Sennheiser HD 650 is something of a legend – an excellent value headphone, it delivers exceptional audio quality without costing the earth. It is perhaps a bold move, then, for Sennheiser to release a successor to the much [...]

CNET [12/23/17, via CNET]
An audiophile-worthy Bluetooth portable headphone amp Wired connectivity runs to a Micro-USB input and 3.5mm and balanced 2.5mm headphone jacks -- more on that 2.5mm jack later in this review. Over the USB input the BlueDAC supports up to 24-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD high resolution file playback. If you [...]

The Verge [07/06/17, via The Verge]
These are the headphones that won't ruin your hair A small Romanian company turned these wooden-back cans from a concept into a successful reality a couple of years ago, and I had a review pair for two months of listening. The 99 Classics have a very pleasant tuning that's faithful to the music yet [...]

I liked a @YouTube video  Z Review - Sennheiser HD600 vs HD650 vs HD700

(Hard Storage Case Travel Case Box for Sennheiser HD598 HD600 HD650 Headphones UK) can be viewed at… 

High Fidelity News and Record Review High Fidelity News and Record Review
The Gramophone The Gramophone
Classic CD. Classic CD.
Stereophile Stereophile


com/Bluetooth-Cancelling-Sweatproof-Headphones-Hands-free/dp/B019TTSYOG/ref=sr_1_4. ie=UTF8&qid=1455685619&sr=8-4&keywords=vafee. Talking time: 7-8 hours. Standby time: 180 hours. com/headphones-Cancelling-Sweatproof-Headphones-Hands-free/dp/B019TTSYOG/ref=sr_1_3. ie=UTF8&qid=1456715581&sr=8-3&keywords=qy11. Laura Jia from Vafee reached out to me to see if I wanted to conduct a review of the QCY QY11 Bluetooth IEM. I have a ton of experience with IEMs and the QY11 intrigued me because of the behind the ear ear-hooks and overall design aesthetics. My primary focus is always on acoustics, but I do compare it to other IEMs in this review.

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Latitudes - Old Sunlight

Old Sunlight sees them quite possibly at their best, so now is as good of a time as any to get on board. Their production has always been excellent since their debut, and the mix on display this time around is no exception. Layers upon layers of guitar weave a wealth of many timbres: crunchy, thick, meaty, saturated, and dissonant, all interchanged throughout for a dynamic listening experience from moment to moment. The drums are warm, boomy, and all-encompassing across the stereo field, keyboards are used to great thematic effect and never come across as.

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[01/14/16, via IGN]
The Best Headphones and Earbuds These are the best headphones for any budget and use ... and are a great entry-level headphone for someone just getting into serious sound. The Sennheiser HD 600 may be almost 20 years old, but they’re still being sold and are one of the best audiophile ... [...]

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Combo Pack! Upgrade Cable for SENNHEISER Headphones HD650 HD600 HD580 HD535 HD545 HD565 HD265 + Sennheiser Adapter Cable 1/8" 3.5mm You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Thought the OEM supplied connectors on the HD600 are quite difficult to pull out from the headphones as they are very shallow. This stock Sennheiser upgrade are much better for the simple fact the ... [...]

[04/16/12, via Ubergizmo]
Sennheiser outs IE 800 earphones and HDVD 800 amplifier, does not come cheap HD 650 and the HD600. Both the Sennheiser IE 800 earphones and HDVD 800 amplifier are expected to go on sale this summer. So, any takers? Filed in Audio. Read more about sennheiser. [...]

[06/08/11, via DIGIT]
Sennheiser HD 598 - Achtung Baby! Sennheiser has an ultra high-end range of dynamic headphones that start from the HD 600 and move upwards in price. The HD 598 isn't quite as lofty, and belongs a rung lower, to a bracket I'm calling "mid-fi", although their price is on the higher side by ... [...]

The QH4 By Samson

Tonality8.5Build & Functionality8.5Matchability8.5Value For Money9.5I have always seen Samson products all over the place especially in pro audio/ musical instrument stores but have never given any serious thought of buying anything with this brand name due to either being so much more inexpensive than the competition with certain products or just a sheer lack of hype in audiophile circles.I think that common human trait of disregarding inexpensive things and automatically thinking that...

Sennheiser HD471i Review: A wide soundstage headset for everyone but the bass heads

price₹7,990.00tech2 rating4/5user rating0/5Sennheiser recently launched their HD 400 series headsets and we were very keen to try one out. Today we have the HD 471i headset with us for review. Having positive experience with previous Sennheiser earphones like the bass heavy CX 3.00 and the sports-friendly PMX 686G, we hope this headset would be good too. Let’s find out.Build and Design: 8/10The headphones are quite traditional looking and the styling is sober. Personally, I liked it as the...

Emotiva Introduces New XPA-9 and XPA-11 Amps for the Ultimate Dolby Atmos Experience

FRANKLIN, TN, October 19, 2017—Emotiva Audio Corporation, the company that continually proves high-performance audio doesn't have be high-priced, now offers two new variations on its configurable XPA Gen 3 modular amplifier.The new XPA-9 and XPA-11 Gen3 amplifiers (both priced at $1,999) are, respectively, nine- and 11-channel versions of the latest generation of Emotiva power amplifiers, embodying the exceptional performance of the company's top-of-the-line X series of electronics. Both...

Sennheiser HD 360VB Headphones

Product Name: HD 630VBManufacturer: SennheiserModel Number: HD 630VBOriginal Price: $499.95We know that Sennheiser is an authority on audio, often putting an eclectic twist on their products. They’ve been doing thing differently since they equivocally broke the audiophile world back in the nineties with the Orpheus headphones. Even with more ordinary offerings like their HD 630VB Headphones they still manage to release breakout products — hell, by this point they’re practically their own...