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Tutorial: How to connect RS 120 headphones to TV via Minijack & SCART | Sennheiser

This tutorial shows you how to connect your Sennheiser RS 120 headphones to your television. Watch Sennheiser's easy step-by-step tutorial & learn how to ...

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iPhone in Canada (press release) (blog) [11/22/17, via iPhone in Canada (press release) (blog)]
[Sticky] Best 2017 Black Friday Canada Deals on Apple Products and More [Roundup] Car Seat Black Friday Spotlight Deal · Save on Holiday Candy · Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with 5 Brushing Modes and USB Travel Case – $132.99 (save $92.36; 41% off); Up to 40% off Oral-B electric toothbrushes [...]

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ET Recommendations: Boat Rockerz 600 wireless bluetooth headphones Once you snap a photo of the text, it takes a few seconds (you need a working data connection) and it will give you editable text that you can share right from the app. We tried out several different pages and the accuracy is impressive. In most cases [...]

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PC Speakers From music to videos to gaming, we use our PC speakers now more than ever -- especially with the increasing use of audio on web sites. A good set of speakers adds to your experience. If you're getting tired of PC speakers that deliver merely "okay [...]

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5 Quality Headphones That Cost Less Than $50 headphone reviews Owning a quality pair of headphones is very important for anyone who wants or needs to listen to music by themselves on a regular basis. In fact, they're more important than the device actually playing the music itself, whether it be [...]

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Why has my RS 120 headset stopped working? I purchased a new RS120 set, base and headphones, several years ago. I found my older RS140 headset more comfortable, and used it on the new RS120 base. After a while I tried the RS120 headset and It didn't work. When I changed the batteries, I noticed a ... [...]

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Sennheiser RS120 Battery Replacement An awesome member of our community made this guide. It is not managed by iFixit staff. Replacing worn-out the rechargeable batteries in the wireless headphones. The rechargeable batteries are located behind the left ear cushion. Remove the ear cushion by ... [...]

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Nike Aero Sport Headphones scoff at your sweat There are two major reasons to swap out the headphones that came packaged with your MP3 player. The first is sound quality, and the second is fit. The two are not mutually exclusive, but you may place emphasis on one over the other depending on your device ... [...]

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Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones: The Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones are remarkably light headphones. The sound quality is decent overall with an emphasis on bass. The Bluetooth transmitter can be used with any audio source that has a minijack headphone output. [...]

Sennheiser Rs120 926 Mhz Wireless Rf Headphones

This is a customer return and it has been fully tested and working 100%. Please note the user manual is not included but can be downloaded for free at the manufacturer website. They feature a transparent, well-balanced sound with excellent bass reproduction, making them an ideal choice for both hi-fi and tv use. The transmitter is fitted with an “easy recharge” function for conveniently recharging the included headphone batteries. The rs 120 offers freedom of movement, stylish design and...

Buying Wireless Headphones? Here Are 6 Things You Need to Know

AdvertisementWith less clutter and more convenience, wireless products (wireless chargingWhat You Need to Know About Wireless ChargingWhat You Need to Know About Wireless ChargingUntil our devices offer week-long battery life, charging on the go will remain a reality for us all.Read More and wireless networkingWireless Networking Simplified: The Terms You Should KnowWireless Networking Simplified: The Terms You Should KnowDo you know the difference between an "access point" and an "ad hoc...

The Best UK Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2015 Deals: Gadgets, Games and More (Updated)

Did you lay your wallets at the altar of Black Friday? If you were after the best UK Black Friday 2015 deals, I'm sorry to break it to you, but there's more to come. Today is Cyber Monday, and retailers are slashing the prices of loads more goodies as the weekend shopping event draws to a close.What started in the US and Canada as a mass-consumerist blowout straight after Thanksgiving has become a UK obsession too. An international eruption of gigantic sales, rock-bottom prices and CCTV...

Do modern AV receivers convert digital inputs to analog (apart from the speakers)?

So, you have been dealing this same problem for 6 years????? Sept 14, 2005 Ars thread by jespring entitled Connecting Sennheiser wireless headphones to Denon receiver for dummies...You start out by asking this: "This may be a stupid question, so bear with me... I just purchased a pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones (RS-120), and am wondering if there is a better way to connect them to my receiver (a Denon 3803) than using the headphone jack?"Some suggestions...