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Shure se315 In Ear Monitor - Review

You can check out the specs on cnet or whatever, I'm not trying to sell the product based on specs, just a user review. Definitely recommended for musicians ...

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TrustedReviews [08/21/17, via TrustedReviews]
Fender FXA2 This combination of subtle features make the FXA2's one of the prettiest sets I've tested at this price point. The FXA2 also tick most of the right boxes when it comes to fit. Fender markets the headphones as having a custom 3D-printed chassis, which [...]

Digital Trends [09/18/17, via Digital Trends]
Shure's two new pairs of noise-isolating earbuds leave cords in the past The cable is compatible with Shure's SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535, and SE846 earphone models. It has a three-button inline remote and built-in microphone, with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that lasts for eight hours on a single charge. It can [...]

Tom's Guide [05/12/15, via Tom's Guide]
Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones Review The $199 Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones provide solid sound quality with a variety of ear-insert options in a tangle-free design. 8/10. Totally worth it. $196.90Amazon. Shure's SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones ensure your jam sessions are never [...]

PCMag [11/30/17, via PCMag]
The Best Tech We Bought in 2017 | "I wanted some highish-end in-ear canal earphones. I tried Etymotics, Ultimate Ears, and Sennheiser, but wasn't completely satisfied. Shure has a very good reputation, and I considered the SE215 . I rejected those after reading about their bass [...]

Shure SE315-Best-Earbuds-2018 

Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones Review - Tom's Guide

Shure's SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones ensure your jam sessions are never interrupted. While I do have some reservations about the buds' over-ear design, the $199 SE315s are quality headphones well worth the premium price. The Shure SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones have a premium design that's understatedly unique. The SE315s come in black and clear - my review unit was the latter, which was both cool and unsettling. Shure gives you a lot of different ways to fit the SE315s into your ears. The earbuds come with three sizes of domed silicone inserts and four sizes of domed foam ones.


Shure SE315 - Expert Reviews

We're fans of Shure's sound-isolating earphones, which come with a variety of tips that are capable of almost entirely blocking out all external sound. However, it's more effective than active noise cancelling, doesn't need batteries and doesn't produce the irritating whine common to almost all active noise suppression headphones. Where prior versions had the headphone units attached permanently to the cable, the SE315s’ buds are attached with snap-on clips that sit at the top of a reinforced section of the wire. The SE315 headphones sound fantastic - they produce a perfectly flat and balanced sound with.


[09/10/15, via TechCrunch]
Shure unveils SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones, Audiophiles Rejoice Shure announced their latest sound isolating earphones today (don’t call them earbuds), the SE315. The SE315’s are a single driver earphone with a full range of sound, and a detachable cable. Available in clear or black, the SE315 is based on the same ... [...]

[02/12/14, via Good Gear Guide]
Shure’s experience in the canalphone market has allowed the company to zero in on a nearly ideal design Shure SE315 earphones Shure’s experience in the canalphone market has allowed the company to zero in on a nearly ideal design [...]

[01/07/14, via Legit Reviews]
CES 2014 – Shure Press Release Designed for professionals and audiophiles, the SE846 extends the legendary heritage and performance of Shure’s widely-adopted SE215, SE315, SE425, and SE535 Sound Isolating Earphone models. The SE846 delivers strong, impactful bass, enabling the ... [...]

Fender FXA2

What are the Fender FXA2?The FXA2 are the second cheapest pair of in-ear headphones in iconic guitar maker Fender’s current audio range, sitting above the £78 Fender CXA1, but well below the £1100 flagship FXA9 Pro.Functionally the FXA2 are fantastic value for money, offering a luxurious design and one of the securest and most comfortable fits at this price point. They also look outright gorgeous. Were it not for the slightly bright sound, these would be the top dog at this price...

Scosche's IEM856md In Ear Monitors offer great sound

Scosche originally made its name several decades ago by providing aftermarket car-stereo-installation kits, as well as other car-audio equipment and accessories. When the iPod took over the audio-playback market, the company used the opportunity to diversify into the business of making iPod and, later, iOS accessories, including headphones and iPhone-compatible headsets. I previously reviewed the the IDR400m ( ), which I found to be unimpressive. I was even less impressed by another...

B&W C5 Review: Sound Great, Look Classy, And Strong Like Bull

It’s amazing that in 2011, roughly 1,000 years after the earbud was originally created, a model could come along that’s actually innovative. But Bowers & Wilkins actually did it. The C5 in-ear headphones debuted several weeks back and I’ve been testing a pair for a while. In short: I’m in love. Oh, it’s not just that they sound great; they’re made by B&W so I would expect nothing less. It’s their design that makes me smile.Bowers & Wilkins has long made some of the very best...

Picture Sunday – The Audiophile Path

Disclaimer: The star of this week’s picture Sunday is actually not a specific product, but what leads one to it; the audiophile path. The idea behind this article belongs to Linus and it is all about our audiophile paths. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.This probably isn’t a typical Picture Sunday post, and I sincerely hope you won‘t be disappointed. Rather than talking about what the awesome products are, I this time want to write about our audiophile journeys behind...