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In-depth Review: Shure SE535

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[01/20/18, via ]
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The Verge [01/08/18, via The Verge]
Shure releases a $99 USB-C headphone cable Matching its $99 Lightning and Bluetooth cable options, Shure has announced at CES 2018 the launch of a new $99 USB-C replacement cable for its family of high-end in-ear headphones. Along with making microphones good enough for presidential addresses [...]

The Verge [07/03/17, via The Verge]
Shure's SE535 earphones are a little bit perfect Asking me to tell you what the best headphones are is like asking WeRateDogs to pick its favorite canine. In both cases, there's far too much variety, diversity, and idiosyncratic charm to crown just one specimen as the very finest. That being said, I [...]

Sound Guys [01/10/18, via Sound Guys]
Best of CES 2018 Shure's launch of a USB-C cable that can connect to any of its IEMs with interchangeable cable hookups makes almost its entire lineup of legendary in-ears credible USB-C headphones with a great pedigree. Consequently, by default, this means that as of [...]

Know Your Mobile [01/18/18, via Know Your Mobile]
The BEST Headphones 2017: All Budgets. All Styles. No BEATS. Shure SE425. £200+ and the SE425 aren't nearly the most expensive headphones Shure produces. Its SE846 earphones cost £950. However, for most people we think the Shure SE425 is a good compromise. You get removable cables, dual balanced armature drivers [...]

People had mentioned they wanted to know which in-ear headphones I ended up going with; I got the Shure SE535. Ther… 

AES NYC 2015 A Journeyman's Wandering #05 & Finale

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I was looking for a piece that would be attractive to small studios and also for actors who are called upon to do their own engineering when asked by producers for voice auditions. com and make at least a partial living by recordings book in the privacy of their own homes. John Hardy has been making the one rack space Jensen twin 990 servo preamp for some time and it's a truly great sounding preamp. I've had one here in my studio and also took it around to other music studios to the delight and amazement of others. For more details, here's a rabbit hole to my online archive and one of the reviews I wrote about the Night preamp and the Jensen twin 990. TASCAM's Jeff Laity had a great little plug on recorder for dynamic mics, the DR-10X Plug-On Micro Linear...

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[09/10/15, via TechCrunch]
Shure unveils SE315 Sound Isolating Earphones, Audiophiles Rejoice New Model Joins the SE425 and SE535, Which All Feature An Innovative Detachable Cable 09.14.2010 – NILES, IL– Shure Incorporated today unveiled the new SE315 Sound Isolating Earphone, a single driver earphone featuring full range sound and a unique ... [...]

[08/05/14, via]
Shure SE535-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers You can still see all customer reviews for the product. decided to splurge and buy myself a xmas present, so shopped around and chose the shure se535's. these are far and away the best earbuds i have ever had the pleasure of listening to (and i've listened ... [...]

[08/05/14, via]
Shure SE535-V Sound Isolating Earphones with Triple High Definition MicroDrivers This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. As a happy 215 user, I was reluctant to spring for the 535s. Could they really be enough of an ... [...]

[02/12/14, via Good Gear Guide]
Shure’s experience in the canalphone market has allowed the company to zero in on a nearly ideal design Reviews > Shure > Shure SE315 earphones Shure SE315 earphones Shure’s experience in the canalphone market has allowed the company to zero in on a nearly ideal design R. Matthew Ward 14/02/12 Review [...]

[01/09/14, via TrustedReviews]
Shure SE846 The Shure SE846 are quad-driver earphones, adding an extra driver from the previous flagship SE535 model. They don't look hugely ... These are world class headphones, and we'll endeavour to get a full review up soon. Bass rarely gets better than this. [...]

Sony MDR-EX 1000 In-Ear Headphones Reviewed

Sony's new $499 top-of-the-line "ear receivers" feature a unique design aimed at solving the two biggest problems - fit and comfort while delivering full-frequency reference-quality sound. Unlike most ear buds, which depend on a tight fit in the ear canal to work properly, the MDR-EX 1000 offers an alternative fit where the phones sit comfortably in the ear, instead of being jammed into the ear canal. For people who often have trouble getting ear buds to fit tightly and comfortably the MDR-EX...

Shure SE535 review

There are three types of earphones; those that look good, those that sound good, and those that look and sound awful.The Shure SE535 earphones sit firmly in the second category. Stylish and good-looking they are not, but they do sound utterly fantastic.At £350 they're certainly not cheap. If you're looking for some iPod-replacement earphones these probably aren't for you. They're bulky and can be a tad fiddly to put in your ears.But if you're an audiophile or at the very least someone who...

Shure SE535 Earphones – A Class Apart

price₹31,000.00tech2 rating3.8/5user rating0/5When I was told that the Shure SE535 earphones had arrived, I was really looking forward to testing them out. I’ve tried out previous models such as the SE530, but could never afford them. Now finally, I had a pair of SE535s all to myself. Well, at least for a while. So lets see how they fared.A little bulky, but sounds great! Design and FeaturesThe first thing you might say when you see these earphones is that they’re huge. But they’re...

The 10 Best Sets Of Headphones On The Market Right Now

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II ($192)AmazonWhether you're listening to music while commuting to work or working out, you'll want to rock the best set of headphones to get the highest-quality sound.We've found the 10 best headphones on the market right now, thanks to our friends at FindTheBest.To compile this list, they looked at professional ratings compiled by experts such as Wired, TechCrunch, and HiFi, as well as features of the headphones, such as sensitivity, frequency, and impedance (signal...