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Skullcandy Skullcrusher 2014 vs Monster DNA vs Beats Studio (original)

Headphone comparison! Skullcandy Skullcrusher-31 Monster DNA-30 Beats Studio-28 Skullcandy Hesh-23.5 Incase Reflex-21 Check out MrNbafan7: ...

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TechRadar [07/03/17, via TechRadar]
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless review To make this slightly less of a problem the Crushers do come with a very nice carry bag. Its material is thick, waterproof, and lined on the inside with a soft faux fur that's more than capable of preventing marks and scratches happening from inside [...]

PCMag [10/04/17, via PCMag]
Skullcandy Hesh 3 The circumaural (over-ear) Hesh 3 headphones are available in black, blue, gray, or red, all with a matte finish. There initially appears to be no markings of any kind, but if you squint closely you'll see the Skullcandy logo. There is something [...]

PC Magazine [12/02/16, via PC Magazine]
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless In 2013 we gave solid marks to the Skullcandy Crusher, wired headphones that require AA batteries to deliver their, well, crushing bass response. The headphones, at $199, devote just as much time and energy to a massive bass [...]

Gadget Hacks [11/15/17, via Gadget Hacks]
The Best Black Friday 2017 Deals on Headphones for Your Smartphone Our smartphones have outlived the Walkman, iPod, and even stereo systems, to some degree. So it makes sense to treat your iPhone or Android device to a quality pair of headphones, whether you're a hardcore audiophile or just an everyday music lover [...]

BETTER THAN BEATS!? SkullCandy Crusher Wireless headphones Vs Beats Solo 3  via @YouTube

Still listening to earbuds? Maybe it's time for an upgrade. - CNET

If you're still listening to music with the free earbuds that came with your smartphone, I have news for you: just about any decent headphone will sound a whole lot better. Face it, with those 'buds dangling from your ears you've never heard solid bass, natural midrange or clear highs. Any decent pair of headphones will set the music free. These rather humble looking headphones sound scary good for the money. First, because they have something going on in the bass, and there's a surprising amount of midrange clarity compared with earbuds. 99 headphones never sounded this good before.


Skullcandy: Selloff Overdone - Seeking Alpha

The recent dramatic sell-off related to poor Q4 guidance has plunged SKUL into net-net territory, and this just doesn't make much sense to us. Most net-nets are of the garbage variety, with declining or negative earnings and an eroding asset value. SKUL has significantly positive and growing earnings, growing sales, a growing asset value, and an expanding product portfolio that is particularly leveraged in 2016. If the iPhone 7 does launch without a headphone jack, this would rush a wireless... As a result of the weak holiday sales, the company shed one-fourth of its market capitalization and shares now hover just north of $3. The recent dramatic sell-off has plunged SKUL into net-net territory (trading at a discount to its NCAV, or net...


[12/30/15, via]
Skull Crusher on I can say, for the price point that these are in, they beat the competition (Dre Beats, Sony, Bose ... loud music like me you probably would have liked them. On to the new Crushers, Ive seen all the promo videos and whatnot. I was really skeptical ... [...]

[10/29/15, via]
Sony MDRXB450AP/B Extra Bass Headphones with Mic and Remote This item is not available with these options. Please choose different options to purchase this product. We will display free store pickup prices and delivery dates once you choose the options for this item. [...]

[02/05/15, via]
Sony MDR10RBT Headphones, Refurbished Get more out of your gaming experience and listening music pleasure with these Sony MDR10RBT Headphones. They feature Bluetooth v3.0 Technology and are ideal for listening to music, answering calls and gaming. These refurbished Bluetooth headphones include ... [...]

[08/17/14, via]
Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier and Mic, White You can still see all customer reviews for the product ... First written review ever by the way)I have tons of headphones ( small and big ) and the Dre beats silver studio pros which are great, as well but didn't want to take them to the gym b/c of ... [...]

[05/09/14, via Seeking Alpha]
Skullcandy Misunderstood After Q1 Results, Beats Acquisition Underscores Unseen Value If true, Apple's $3.2 billion Beats acquisition validates mega ... considering Hoby explicitly mentioned the success of Crusher in international markets in the quarter (e.g., No. 1 Skullcandy product in Japan vs. nil last year, No. 1 Skullcandy over ... [...]

2016 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT V6 Rental Review

Sometimes, in the wasteland that is the rental car lot of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, fate can smile upon you. Most of the time, however, it doesn’t. When I hopped off of the bus this past Monday, I was confronted by rows and rows of Altimas and Passats, each of them just as base and boring as the next.I had just resigned myself to a week of paying the automotive price for whatever sins I had recently committed when I noticed a glistening, dripping wet 2016 Camaro being driven slowly...

Skullcandy Crusher headphone priced at Rs 11,999 offers good quality audio, battery life

This wireless headphone offers good quality audio and battery life. (Image: Facebook)US-based audio products maker Skullcandy has recently launched Crusher Wireless, a high-end headset targeted at outdoor enthusiast. Priced at Rs 11,999, the new headset has been redesigned from original Crusher headphones with standard industrial design, premium materials, and Bluetooth functionality to offer high-end immersive audio experience, claims the company. We used this headset for over a week and...

Gadget review: Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

By Talal MusaPublished: 12:50 EST, 25 September 2013 | Updated: 15:32 EST, 26 September 2013 Price: £89 (RRP) Rating: The Crusher does exactly what it says on the tin. Unleash an unrelenting torrent of deep bass through your eardrums. And, true to their rather audacious claim of being able to ‘feel’ the music, it’s a quite wonderful sensation.A large part of this is due to Skullcandy’s unique ‘dual driver’ technology.Sensation55 drivers housed in each earcup deliver Attacking Bass...

Incredible underwater headphones that transmit music to swimmers' ears by vibrating sound through their cheekbones

The Neptune headphones and mp3 player mimic the way whales and dolphins communicate underwater Sound is transmitted through the cheekbones to the cochlea part of the ear The 4GB device holds 1,000 songs and costs £100 By Jennifer SmithPublished: 13:31 EST, 29 September 2013 | Updated: 12:11 EST, 30 September 2013 A bizarre new technology allows swimmers to listen to music while underwater, by conducting sound through the bones in the human skull. The Neptune headphones send sound waves...