What's not to like about the Bose AE2? / Appreciation thread

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I've owned the Bose AE2 headphones for a few years. They were a gift, and also my first pair of (imo) entry level headphones. Sound quality aside for a moment, they really last. Some say the cord is flimsy, but I've only had to replace it once after a few years of constant use. It's pretty cheap to replace too. I've done everything from worn these as ear muff in the winter, to slept ON them as well as with them on, I've used them for exercising like running, I've worn them in in my hot tub (without dipping my head under water that is). I think they're even more comfortable than the sennheiser hd25. Which is saying something considering that headphone gets extremely higher praise than the AE2. Sound quality wise they sound just fine to me. I honestly prefer them over the sony V6.
I don't know about the AE2i, I have the original AE2. I wouldn't want that controller in the middle of my cord anyways.
So misnomers aside, I think the AE2 is a pretty decent pair of portable headphones, and they even isolate a bit.
I'm curious to know what's not to like about these headphones.

May 31, 2013

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I found the mid-range to be a little honky/nasal - this made female vocals sound wrong to my ears. 
But bose are pretty well regarded for comfort - no surprises there.

May 31, 2013

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my 2cent:
comfort is good. materials are the same as on 20$ headphones. sound is low fi. only thing it does a job above average is soundstage and imaging. thats something that the ae2 does remarkebly well for such a small closed back design. bass is a bit flubby, mids are unnatural as mentioned before. strings sound like coming out of a gramophon. thats all about it. they do a decent job for watching movies on the go though.Share This Page

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