ET Review: Bose AE2w

NEW DELHI: Audiophiles don't really gravitate towards wireless headsets which also explains Bose's hesitance to offer one. The AE2w is the first Bluetooth headset from Bose and it looks very similar to the AE2 & AE2i wired headsets. Like the wired models, this does not have active noise cancelling.

However, the design & fit ensure that a large portion of ambient sound is effectively reduced while wearing them.

Unlike the usual Bluetooth headphones, this set has a rather large (compared to the size of the earcup) Bluetooth module that protrudes out. This module houses a lithium ion battery, microphone and the multiple control buttons (volume up/down, answer/end and power switch). But the surprise is that the module is easily removable — it connects to the headset using a 2.5mm port.

With the Bluetooth module removed, the headphones can be used with any non-Bluetooth audio source by way of a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable. Bose can also sell you the optional cable which fits into the earcup in a more OEM way. One of the highlights here is the dual, active connection.

This means you could connect it to your phone and tablet at the same time. If you're listening to music from your tablet and a call comes in, the music will pause. The AE2w offers great mids & highs with just the right amount of bass. The bass is adequate without being overwhelming.

Apart from the audio quality, the big test with wireless headphones is whether the controls can be used without looking — and it's an emphatic yes. The large, tactile buttons just fall easily to hand - you can tell that a lot of engineering has gone into a very small space here.

We couldn't really find any negatives with the AE2w, except of course the price. The argument being that you can easily get a pair of Bluetooth headphones for under Rs 6,000 from top brands like Creative and Jabra. However, it's pretty safe to say, once you go AE2w, you won't go back.


Around ear design, built in mic, removable Bluetooth module, Bose TriPort technology, dual active Bluetooth connections, fold-flat earcups, 7hr battery life, 3hr charging time, 150g

Exceptionally comfortable, great sound & clarity, USB charging, simultaneous connection to two devices

Protruding Bluetooth module looks out of place, all-black design is a little boring

Price:Rs 19,013

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