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Beats by Dr Dre Headphones 
Models: Beats Pro, Beats Studio, Beats Solo HD, Beats Mixr, Beats Wireless, Beats Executive, Beats Tour, Powerbeats, Beatbox, Beats Pill, etc. 
Colors: black, white, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, silver 
Accessories: Our Beats Headphones come with sealed box, carrying case and all other accessories as original ones!

How To Order:

Step 1  Sending inquiry on site / email / live chat .  
            (show us the item & quantity which you want to order).  

Step 2  We calculate price and confirm order with you.  

Step 3  You choose a payment method and arrange payment to us.

Step 4  Send a payment receipt to us.   
            together with your delivery address,zip code,phone number.  

Step 5  We send items to you within 24 hours after we received your payment.  
            A tracking number will be email to you once it available.  
            DHL,UPS,EMS,FEDEX courier will deliver items direct to your address.  

Step 6  You sign for parcel.Send feedback to us when you have time

Payment :West Union / TT/ Moneygram 

The more price about beats products :

Catalog & Price:

2013 Newest Beats Verions 
2013 Beats Studio (Black,White,Red,Dark blue,Rose pink,Purple,Orange,Silver,Green)         $48.00 
2013 Solo HD (Black,White,Red,Dark blue,Light blue,Rose pink,Green,Light blue,Orange)    $35.00 
2013 Studio Beats 2.0 v2 Headphone(Black,White,Red)                                                  $102.00 
2013 Beats Tour 2.0 earphones(Black,White,Red)                                                          $19.00 
2013 beats Pro (Black silver, White silver,Detox,Red)                                                      $55.00 
2013 beats Neon Mixr (Black,White,Red,Blue,Pink,Green,Orange)                                     $55.00 
2013 beats Neon powerbeats earphones                                                                       $18.00

Monster Beats verion Headphones 
Studio (Red,Dark blue,Orange,Purple,Silver,Rose pink,Green)                  $42.00 
Studio (Lamburghini,Ferrari,BMW, Kobe 24,James 23)                            $45.00 
Studio (Spiderman,Superman,Lightning,Skull,Camo,Pirate,Zebra,Love,Jobs,Michael Jackson)    $48.0 
Studio Electroplating (Gold,Red,Dark Blue,Pink,Light Blue)                    $50.00      
Solo HD (Black,White,Red,Purple,Dark blue,Light Blue,Rose pink,Light Pink,Orange,Green,Black yellow)    $32.00

Wireless Bluetooth Beats Headphones 
Solo Beats Wireless (Black,White,Red,Blue,Purple,Green,Pink)                                  $49.00 
S450 Bluetooth (Black,White, Red, Purple)                                                              $40.00 
Wireless Beats Studio(Black,White,Red,Blue,Red,Purple,Pink,Orange,Green)              $52.00 
Limited Editon Wireless Beats Studio((Lamburghini,Ferrari,BMW, Kobe 24,James 23, 
Lightning,Skull,Camo,Pirate,Zebra,Love,Jobs,Michael Jackson)                                  $55.00 
Wirless Beats Mixr Headphones(Black,White,Red,Blue,Red,Purple,Pink,Orange,Green) $50.00

Monster beats Pro Detox 
Monster beats Detox                                                      $45.00 
Monster beats Pro (Black silver, White silver ,Black)             $42.00 
Pro Limited Edition (Red,Black Red,White red,White blue)    $50.00 
Pro Gold Edition(Gold black, Gold white)                           $68.00 
Mixr(Black, White,Red,Blue,Orange,Purple,Silver,Pink,Green)     $42.00 
Executive (Black Silver, Red, Black,White)                          $65.00

Beats earphones 
Monster beats Tour No Controltalk (Black,White,Red,Black)    $7.00 
Monster beats Tour with controltalk (Black,White,Red,Black,Purple,Yellow,Pink)    $10.00 
2013 Tour No controltalk (Black,White,Red black)    $10.00 
2013 Tour with controltalk (Black,White,Red black)    $13.00 
Powerbeats no control talk (Black,White,Red)            $7.00 
ibeats (Black,White,Purple)                            $13.00 
Powerbeats with control talk (Black,White,Red)            $15.00

Wireless Speaker 
S10 Bluetooth Speaker (Black,White,Red,Silver,Blue,Green,Orange,Pink,Purple,Copper,Gold)    $10 
New S11 Double halo Bluetooth 4.0 Mini Speaker (black, white, red, silver, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, black white, green,orange)    $12 
Beats Pill Speaker (Black,White,Red,Blue,Pink,Yellow,Orange,Green, Blue Yellow, Red Blue)    $55 
S12/S13/S14 HiFi music Bluetooth Speaker (Black, Sliver, Red, Blue, Purple ,Gold)            $12.00

Other brand 
HD505 Bluetooth (Red,Black,White,Blue,Purple)    $18.00 
DNA (Black,White,Red,Blue)    $80.00 
inspiration (Black,White)    $82.00 
Diesel (Black, White, Red)    $55.00 
SOUL SL150                    $50.00 
N-tune                            $59.00 
Bose QC15 (Blue, Silver)    $82.00 
Bose QC3                    $104.00 
Bose MIE2i                    $15.0

Payment Methods:  Western Union / Money Gram / Bank transferShipping:  Products will be sent out within 24 hours after we received your payment(except weekend,holiday).Delivery time:via DHL, UPS, FedEx is 3 - 5 working days to destination.                       via Hongkong EMS will take about 5-8 working days to your door.

                                via Singapore EMS will take about 7-10 working days.  

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