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How It's Made Headphones

Discovery / Science Channel's "How It's Made" Headphones episode.

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[02/12/18, via ]
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Salon [01/28/18, via Salon]
Earbuds made my teens tune me out, so I changed how we listen to music So when my husband and I noticed our teens increasingly tuning us out as they washed dishes, hung out in their rooms, or traveled in the car, we became curious about what they were listening to and how they were interpreting the lyrics they were [...]

SELF [02/04/18, via SELF]
Why Do My Earbuds Always Fall Out? The truth is, everyone's ears and ear canals are different sizes and shapes, so even if those one-size-fits-all earbuds are made according to “standard” ears, they aren't going to fit every person perfectly. “Children generally have small ear canals [...]

Technabob (blog) [02/05/18, via Technabob (blog)]
These Earbuds Will Help Sleep Better Do you like to listen to ambient music to help you fall asleep? Or maybe you take the train a lot and like to catch up on shut-eye during the commute. ATECH Sleeping Buds can help you get a better rest every night. These earbuds are made from flexible [...]

[01/28/18, via New Zealand Herald]
Gadget review: Jaybird Run sport headphones . 25 Jan, 2018 4:00am. 2 minutes to read. Jaybird's Run headphones are made for those who don't want their earbuds falling out. Chris Schulz. By: Chris Schulz. Chris Schulz is the Deputy Head of Entertainment [...]

Earbuds were invented for a reason. Please use them. Especially when others around you are trying to study. Thanks that’s all.

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[03/22/16, via Teen Ink]
The Consequences of Technology in a World Reliant on It Writing this article was an assignment in our English class which we were required to write a persuasive essay ... we direct our focus towards the small screens in our hands and headphones in our ears, blocking the outdoor. The science behind how human ... [...]

[03/21/16, via The Age]
Karalee Katsambanis: Driving in WA is like living on a prayer Isn't it ironic that today we have safer cars and better roads than at any time since the motor vehicle was invented ... years ago there were no mobile phones, texting whilst driving did not exist, drivers did not wear earbud headphones or indeed any ... [...]

[03/19/16, via TOLEDO NEWS NOW]
Don't Waste Your Money: Apple plans 4 new iphones to jump start sales For the first time since smartphones were invented, sales are down significantly this year ... Forbes says all the new phones should have the option for wireless earbuds, so you don't need a dangling cable anymore. No Cheap Deals You can expect to pay ... [...]

[03/18/16, via The Guardian]
Startups that aim to put you to sleep “This was one of the happiest moments of my life – I had invented something to help myself ... However, as he felt standard headphones were too bulky to wear in bed, he decided to develop his own. The result was the Kokoon headphones, which combine ... [...]

[03/17/16, via WPTV]
Booby Trap Bra conceals knife, pepper spray for protection Her earbuds were in, and she caught off guard when a man lurking in ... Cutrona believes women should prepare for the worst when they go out to run alone. After her assault, she invented and patented a new self-defense bra, called “Booby Trap Bras.” [...]

Daily Deals: Game of Thrones Season 7 Blu-ray, GTX 1080Ti With Free Destiny 2

Plus save 10% on Google Play cards, Thrustmaster racing wheel on sale, and more. By Seth MacyWelcome to IGN's Daily Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use.Want IGN Deals in your social feeds? Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Want deals in your inbox? Sign up for the IGN Deals...

Mark Richt is having fun again, and Miami's rebirth is his vindication

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- Deep inside a renovated Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday night, Mark Richt revealed a hard truth.The former Georgia coach who has won more frequently than anyone in the program's modern era said he came to Miami "to enjoy coaching again, to have fun again."Richt's point was subtle but clear after a dismantling of Notre Dame. For years at Georgia, he wasn't having fun. A man who delivered two SEC titles, nine bowl wins, seven top-10 finishes and five division titles in 15...

The voice interface and disruption

The voice interface and disruptionThe experience, the tipping-point, and Apple’s paradoxAn AirPod future: Where are their iPhones? Where are their Watches?The biggest problem standing in the way of the voice epoch is that nobody has established a user experience that’s native to the format. How do you find what you’re looking for, among a universe of infinite information, without your hands, and without your eyes, in an audio-first paradigm? How do you perform fundamental tasks like...

Do we need a tech boom for the elderly?

Enlarge/ What’s he doing?Hugo Bernard / FlickrJoseph Coughlin has been director of the MIT AgeLab ever since he founded it in 1999. In his new book, The Longevity Economy, he contends that old age—much like childhood, adolescence, and gender—is a social construct, and a modern one at that.Coughlin argues that the invention of this construct is a matter of the changing impact of pathogens. Infectious diseases had been indiscriminately killing people of all ages since populations concentrated...